IOT Devices in Health Care Put Patients at Risk

As if health-care organizations don’t have enough to worry about during this chaotic and difficult time in the pandemic, a new report from Cynerio, titled “The State of IoMT Device Security 2022,” provides a list of medical devices that are considered Internet of Things (IoT) and thus pose risks to patient care.

The most dangerous are IV pumps. According to the research, “a stunning 73 percent of those IV pumps contain a vulnerability that, if exploited by an adversary, would threaten patient safety, data confidentiality, or service availability.”

“More than half of linked medical and other IoT equipment in hospitals have a known serious vulnerability,” according to another alarming figure. A third of bedside health care IoT devices, which are the devices closest to patient care and on which patients rely the most for excellent health outcomes, pose a serious risk.”

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According to the paper, health care organizations may take steps to mitigate these risks, such as quarantine and segmentation. The report contains a comprehensive examination of IoMT, both now and in the future.

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