Tado Alexa Commands

Here is the List of Complete Tado Alexa Commands

Heating voice commands

You can use Amazon Smart Home voice commands to adjust the following for your tado° heating setup:

  • Turn your tado° devices on or off in one or multiple rooms.
  • Ask for the current temperature in any room with a tado° heating device.
  • Adjust the temperature in any room with a tado° heating device.

Keep in mind you can phrase these requests in different ways, for instance: ‘Hey Alexa, set living room to heat’, ‘Alexa, heat living room to 25 degrees’, or ‘Alexa increase living room temperature by 3 degrees. So play around to see what works best for you.

Tado Alexa Commands

Cooling voice commands

You can also use Amazon Alexa commands to adjust the following for your Smart AC Control:

  • Turn your Smart AC Control on or off.
  • Select Cool/Heat mode.
  • Adjust the temperature.

Voice command limits

At the moment it is not possible to adjust the following using Amazon Alexa voice commands:


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The Full List of Alexa Commands Is Available Here

More Detail:
Here is a short checklist of what you can do with tado° and Alexa:

1. Getting Started

  • “Alexa, discover my devices.”

This allows Alexa to discover all of your tado° zones.

2. Checking the current state of your tado° zones

To get the current temperature of the living room simply ask “Alexa, what is the temperature of the [living room]?”.

  • “Alexa, what is the [living room] set to?” will tell you the current set point temperature in the living room.

3. Controlling your tado° Smart Thermostat or Smart AC Control

  • “Alexa, set the [living room] temperature to 72 degrees”.

tado° will set your zone to the desired temperature and keep this setting for the default duration of this zone. Your AC will stay in the mode that is currently active.

  • “Alexa, increase the [bedroom] temperature by 2 degrees”.

By using the command “increase” or “decrease” tado° will calculate the new temperature based on your current setting. It will keep this setting for the default duration of this zone.

  • “Alexa, turn on the [living room]”.

tado° will turn on your heating or AC using the last setting you set through Alexa. You can also turn off just by saying “Alexa, turn off the [living room]”.

4. Zone Names

  • [living room] and [bedroom] are placeholders for your zone names. You can change the zone names in the app. Please make sure they do not contain any special characters. It works best if you use simple names which you can pronounce easily.
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