5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Save You Time

As a kitchen junkie, you fall prey to fancy kitchen tools such as taco shell warmers and muffin top baking pans. These gadgets might look promising but we all know no one uses them, they are just good to look at while someone else in an advertisement is using them. 

Imagine you are trying to make dinner but the cutting and chopping and slicing has gotten over you so much that you just want this prep to be over. We believe in buying gadgets that actually make your cooking enjoyable and saves you time. Read along, below are some tools will be worth the money and space without breaking your bank:

1. Sharp Knives

Sharp knives are a cooks’ best friend. Everyone who loves to cook enjoys a great knife as it cuts your prep time in half. Great knives include two things, a sharp blade and a great handle. Your knives when sharp not only saves you tons of time but they also make cutting enjoyable. Damascus japanese kitchen knives and Weshof’s 8 inch kitchen chef knives are some of the best available knives in the market if you need suggestions.

A common misconception is that sharp knives are not safe but they are safer than dull ones. Sharp knives require less brute force which means less damage to the food such as herbs etc. Dull cuts accelerate discoloration and wilting. 

2. Food Processor

Food processor is an investment you will always be proud of and never regret. Food processors decrease your time of chopping, slicing, blending and kneading dough. Hit that button and you will be amazed at what you can create. From homemade nut butters to shredding carrots for coleslaw quickly, your food processors will be your buddy for all those parties you want to host.

If you have a small kitchen we recommend going for a smaller food processor, it won’t take much space on your countertop or kitchen cabinet either. If you can afford and have the space go for the bigger one.

3. Immersion Blender

Stick this little baby into a pot of anything and you will get a smooth thick puree in seconds. This tool makes cleaning up so much easier than before. Back in the days of our Grandma transferring food from one bowl to another to blend it in and then back to the pot was such a hassle. Moreover, it wasted time and food as well.

4. Garlic Press

This tool, if you have used one before, becomes a necessity. If you are not a pro with the knives yet or don’t have time to chop and smash garlic, get a garlic press. Using this tool gets you the garlic and its juice for your yummy recipes. Garlic press can also be used to crush spices like peppercorns, brines and pickles etc.

If you cook south Asian food this is a must have as those guys love to smoother every dish with garlic. We recommend the oxo garlic press, its light and has a very smooth finish with a comfortable handle

5. Box Grater

If you love garnishing your food or adding different things in little quantities to your food, this one’s for you. Box graters are often not thought of as a very important part of the kitchen. But if you have one , from slicing cheese to carrots to potatoes, zucchini and butter, everything becomes easy. The smaller holes are good for sprinkling food for garnishing or adding a fresh pinch of anything while the larger ones will help you avoid the knife for a while. Oxo also makes great box graters, do check it out. 

Buying quality kitchen essentials is a long term investment whether you are a frequent cook or not. These essentials will save you time and will make cooking/ baking enjoyable but will also save your fingers from falling off too. We hope this list helps you. Tell us some of the kitchen tools you have been using to save time!! Happy cooking

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