7 Ways To Surprise Your Mom With Amazing Kitchen Upgrades

Let’s settle on one thing; your mom’s kitchen is her territory. She may have an outdated kitchen and deep down dreams to make major changes to the kitchen she’s had for decades. Mothers take a lot of pride in serving home-cooked meals and are believers that the way to the heart is through the stomach. That is exactly why, it’s safe to call it their kingdom!

If you have been paying attention, you’ll agree that your mom’s kitchen is due for a remodeling. There are many ways to remodel a kitchen, but it’sessential to make changes that will be useful for her, functionality-wise, and appeal to her aesthetically.  

7 Ways To Surprise Your Mom With Amazing Kitchen Upgrades


Let’s explore kitchen designs that can help you transform your mom’s current kitchen into her dream kitchen.

1. Study the Current Kitchen

The starting point should be to assess your mom’s existing kitchen. Study it well. Make notes on what you love and what needs to be remodeled. Does she have an emotional connection to a particular corner or appliance? Try not to play with it too much and instead come up with renovation ideas that complement it. 

Another angle to begin the remodeling process of your mom’s kitchen is to keep your mom’s existing footprint and make over-the-top changes. You should consider the area size you’re working with, so hold your horses back with your creativity, as it might not be appropriate for the mom who loves to cook , and spend a lot of her time in the kitchen.

You may want to dig deeper to find out if she would like something in particular, such as a multiple burner stove top, an upgraded oven, a double-door fridge, etc. 

2. Functionality Should Be Your Top Priority

Your mom’s kitchen has to be functional, especially if she enjoys cooking frequently. Keep this in mind; the kitchen needs to work for her and her way of life. So, make sure all your remodeling ideas prioritize her kitchen’s functionality. 

Storage is a vital functionality factor that needs attention when remodeling the kitchen area. Make sure you are paying attention to her current storage options, and if your remodeling plan allows you to land a layout that may increase the storage, do that. Many people make the blunder of forgetting to take inventory into account before remodeling cupboards and kitchen drawers. They end up with smaller storage options and massive appliances. So, your takeaway should be to take your time when you are exploring kitchen renovations. 

If you plan to replace countertops, choose materials that match your mom’s tolerance for maintenance. You don’t want to give her sensitive countertops requiring high maintenance. 

3. Soften the Space

The function is a top priority, but the kitchen area should be beautiful and organized. It has to transform into your mom’s personality, a space where she will feel comfortable and happy to whip up meals. A kitchen area is intimate, so choose materials and colors that reflect your mom’s taste and personality. Add personal touches like family photos, significant wall art pieces, or vases to wow her.

4. If It’s Not Broken, Keep it

Look around, and work with the items that are in good condition. Refrain from trying to replace or renovate everything in the kitchen. Suppose your kitchen cabinets are in good shape with minimum stains and discoloration; try to implement a plan that requires you to do a touch-up on the cabinets. You don’t have to spend extra on replacing them. The trick is to keep everything that still works and looks okay. Repaint it with a different shade, and repair it, but don’t resort to throwing everything out. 

The same advice applies to your sink and plumbing situation. Changing your pipeline or installing a double sink can be costly. So before you commit to it, look for options that will reduce costs and serve the purpose.

5. Consider Stainless Steel Appliances

Most appliances nowadays are made with stainless steel for their affordability, easy maintenance, durability, and tensile strength.

Wood burners, iron, and other materials were commonly used in the past, which were not ideally reliable. However, using stainless steel appliances in the kitchen has solved that problem. They are much more reliable and affordable for most people. They are also well known to withstand extreme temperatures and are much easier to clean. Replacing your kitchen stove with stainless steel burners is ideal for your mom, as she no longer has to scrub those burners after every meal. With stainless steel, a quick wipe is all you need to do to eliminate the stains and residues. 

A spotless kitchen coupled with high-end functionality smart kitchen appliances is going to make your mom’s kitchen chores much easier.

6. Implement statement décor

The kitchen is usually the heart of every household, which makes it worthy of beautiful decor. Although painting the walls and focusing on the lighting in this particular space may seem unnecessary, a little bit of work can make a huge impact. 

You can make a statement by adding bar tools, a center ceiling lamp, and converting your existing countertops into mini-bar scenes. Or just a sitting area for family members to gather while your mom cooks. Plus, these small changes come in handy during a family get-together or a dinner party. 

7. Aim for Timeless Over Trendy

Remember, this is your mom’s kitchen, not yours. So, when laying out a renovation plan, think of timeless ideas over trendy ones. Trends don’t age very well, so you should put all your money into items that will never go out of fashion and remain classic for decades. 


The kitchen has your mom’s heart; therefore, treat it carefully. A brand new kitchen may sound like a dream to you, but your mother’s idea of a functional kitchen may be entirely different. If you’re unsure how to go about it, it’s wise to seek help from a professional. Talk to them about your relationship with your mom and how you want to do something nice for her. Take pictures of every corner of the kitchen, and show them to the professionals. While you’re at it, show your mom’s picture too. They may be able to connect the dots and come up with a master plan to impress your mom with a warm, beautiful, renovated kitchen.

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