Amazon Is Creating A New Network That Will Share Your Wi-Fi With Other Smart Devices

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – Amazon is building a new Sidewalk network that would potentially make many internet-connected devices work better, make it easier to set up and even help find missing pets. But to do so, they will start sharing a small portion of the home internet connections of the owner of the Ring and Echo system.

“There are real privacy concerns … and there are overblown privacy concerns … but it’s still very much early days,” said Chris Davies, executive editor at SlashGear, a consumer technology website.

A New Network in Amazon Is Creating A New Network That Will Share Your Wi-Fi With Other Smart Devices

Various Amazon products, including Ring Spotlight and Floodlight cams and a laundry list of Echo items, will power the Sidewalk network. These devices will operate across America as tiny “bridges,” slinging the network into communities everywhere.

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“Amazon is definitely doing all that it can to get as many of these different Sidewalk bridges turned on … so that as many places as you go you’ll have a connection,” said Davies.

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To do it, Amazon is making participation in the network automatic, which means if you have one of these devices, you’ll be included in the sharing.

Amazon explained it in a recent email to affected users and even included opt-out instructions.

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