Android 11: Introduced Home Assistant 3.0 With Even More Power-Menu Shortcuts

Android 11 was released for different devices in early September, and one of its major developments was the power menu shortcuts, which allow you to monitor smart devices. They are somewhat limited, however, as they rely on Google Home to work. Today, an app called Home Assistant promises to improve this feature’s functionality.

Android 11 Introduced Home Assistant 3 0 With Even More Power Menu Shortcuts

Version 3.0 of the Home Assistant is now available and now makes many new shortcuts to the Android 11 power menu, which can be very helpful for many people. Scripts are among them, which are predefined activities that can be accomplished simply by clicking a personalized button that can be applied to the menu.

Automations can also involve other areas of the system, such as changing the phone’s ring style when an alarm sounds, so you don’t miss any notifications received after waking up.

The app also adds monitors to the system, which can show details about the last notification received, Android restarts, and what happened to your connected devices.

Finally, in widgets and news, the app incorporates graphic enhancements, such as media access that you can see above. Through it, anything that is read on a connected device can be managed.

There are also other options available, such as a switch to turn all sensors on or off on smartphones, so that, for example, you are not heard all the way from your smart speakers.

It is worth noting that to use all these features, you must have Android 11 enabled on your devices, if you have not yet upgraded with it, it is worth testing this list with the verified phones to obtain the latest Google device edition.

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