Apple Is Working on New Devices That Are unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

Apple may be developing additional smart products such as necklaces, bracelets, and key rings, according to recent patents.

Apple already has a number of wearables on the market, such as the Apple Watch. AirPods are also considered a wearable. According to a new patent, the tech giant could provide even more wearable solutions in the future. The patent was discovered by AppleInsider, which was one of the first to notice it. According to that source, the patent mentions expanding Apple’s wearable line-up to include a slew of new items such as doorknob rings and bracelets.

New Apple smart devices could be key rings or necklaces

The patent, titled ‘wearable loops with embedded circuitry,’ covers a wide range of applications for the device.

Apple Is Working on New Devices That Are unlike Anything We've Seen Before

“A fabric cable with first and second opposing ends and a housing unit attached between the first and second ends may be used in an electronic device such as a loop-shaped wearable electronic device.” According to the patent’s abstract, “the housing unit may have circuitry such as a visual output region, sensors, communications circuitry, and wireless power receiving circuitry.”

“Haptic output devices for giving haptic feedback to a user or modifying the curvature of the cloth cord may be included in the wearable electronic device.” A conductive strand that creates a coil for receiving wireless power signals from a wireless power transmitter may be included in the cloth cord. The charging case for the wearable electronic device may comprise wireless power transmitting circuitry for powering the wearable electronic device. According on the charging status of the wearable electronic device, control circuitry in the charging case may modify the charging case’s opacity.”


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Looking further into the patent, it seems to outline possible uses of Apple tech in wearables. These wearables include a myriad of new objects, including some you might not expect to fall into the ‘wearables’ category. The patent itself is heavily based around a singular idea: The ability to wear a device that offers technological applications.

The patent is credited to Paul G. Puskarich. Puskarich is also credited with a patent pertaining to headphones detecting when they are worn.

How would these devices function?

According to Apple, the devices might be used in a variety of ways. They could have displays similar to the Apple Watch, or they could just be a device that recognizes hand motions. Furthermore, the gadgets may merely collect information such as location, activity, and identification. Apple also claims that those same devices might “give a user with output” in the future. This could be in the form of music, video, or even haptic input.

Apple Is Working on New Devices That Are unlike Anything We've Seen Before

The devices could be used in a variety of ways, according to Apple. They could have displays similar to the Apple Watch or just recognize hand motions. Additionally, the devices may merely collect information such as location, activity, and identification. The same gadgets might then “give a user with output,” according to Apple. Audio, visual, or even tactile feedback could be included in the output.

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