Cats’ Favorite Smart Devices

What is the finest smart gadget for cats?

Over the previous few decades, technological advancements have made life much simpler for humans. With speedier phones, stronger computers, and smarter devices, there are few things in your house that can’t be automated.

There are lots of smart gadgets to feed, track, hydrate, and play with your cats (and pets in general), so they may benefit from technological advancements as well. The Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder is a wonderful alternative for food-obsessed cats since it allows you to control their intake and portion sizes.

What you should know before purchasing a smart gadget for cats

It will take some time for your cat to feel at ease.

Few cats are fast to adapt to smart gadgets in the house. It might take some time to become used to the new device. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t utilize it right away; instead, show them what it’s for.

Consider your cat’s requirements.

While it may appear charming to humans when cats utilize smart gadgets, keep in mind your feline companion’s requirements. A self-cleaning litter box, for example, is more useful than a remotely operated mouse if they don’t cover their waste (or have difficulties doing so). While a smart water fountain will keep them hydrated, a smart pet feeder will be more beneficial to overweight cats.

The majority of them need an internet connection.

Although having a smart gadget in your house is a fantastic concept, you should be aware of the drawbacks. For dogs or people, most require a continual connection to a Wi-Fi network. This allows you to control and monitor the item using your smartphone. The device may continue to function with reduced functionality if it is not connected to the internet.

What to look for in a good cat-friendly smart gadget

A well-known brand

When it comes to electronics that your dogs must use without your supervision, the equipment must be in good working order. Most renowned firms design their products with durable materials that can withstand a few impacts. Unfortunately, obscure products may lack the same degree of quality control as well-known ones, putting your cat at danger.

It’s simple to set up and use.

When you try to set up a new device and it doesn’t function, it may be really annoying. Overcomplicating things isn’t a good thing, therefore a high-quality cat equipment will come with thorough setup and operation instructions. Many well-known businesses will also have a website where you may seek assistance.

They can’t outsmart this clever gadget.

Cats are intelligent creatures, and even the cuddliest or placid felines may be quite curious. While they will definitely try to outwit the device, a high-quality device will rapidly defeat their efforts. A smart feeder, for example, has a cover that locks snugly with a latch at the top, making it impossible for any cat without opposable thumbs to open it.

How much you can expect to spend on a smart device for cats

The average cost of a smart device for your cat will largely depend on what the device is designed to do and how the manufacturer is. An entry-level smart device such as a tracker can retail for $10-$20, while a more complex gadget such as an automatic feeder can retail for $100-$200.

Smart device for cats FAQ

What happens when there is a power failure?

  1. Most smart devices require a wall socket connection to operate. However, some models can use shop-bought batteries to remain operational with the electricity fails. So while it won’t be connected to the internet, it can still perform as needed, possibly with limited functions.

How do you train a cat to use a smart device?

  1. Depending on what the device is for, you might want to slowly introduce your cat to the gadget. For example, a smart litter box shouldn’t be a problem, but a feeder can be intimidating. Try to show your cat what is happening so that they don’t assume it will hurt them.

Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder

Cats' Favorite Smart Devices

What you should know:

This automated feeder is an excellent way to keep track of your cat’s daily food consumption and portion sizes. This feeder features a built-in LCD screen and can store up to 17 cups of dry cat food.

What you’ll like:

Having your cat wake you up for breakfast is no longer a nuisance with this feeder. It has adjustable feeding schedules and can provide up to four meals each day. The feeding tray is tilted to prevent kibble from piling up in front of the outlet. You may also record a 10-second speech clip to be played before each transmission.

What you should consider:

The feeder uses a 5-volt adapter to connect to a wall socket but can also be operated on three D-cell batteries.

Here is the List of Cats’ Favorite Smart Devices

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

What you should know:

As they extend their area, cats will constantly travel about. This might be upsetting for owners, but an intelligent pet tag will allow you to keep track of where your pet is at all times.

What you’ll like:

The “smarter” cat tag simply hooks onto their collar, and when you set up a secure zone around your property using the app, the tag informs you if they go outside of it. When your cat enters their safe zone, other Pawscout users will receive messages, allowing you to follow their travels.

What you should consider:

The tag doesn’t give you the precise GPS location of your cat, but rather an alert if it is within 300 feet of you.

PetSafe ScoopFree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Cats' Favorite Smart Devices

What you should know:

Cat faeces that hasn’t been cleared has a strong stench that may rapidly permeate a space. A self-cleaning litter box eliminates the effort of cleaning by eliminating unwanted particles quickly.

What you’ll like about it:

After 20 minutes of usage, this litter box starts the cleaning process by automatically extracting trash and raking the crystal grains. It has a prefilled disposable tray that only needs to be replaced once a month. You can keep track of your cat’s health and examine daily statistics of litter box usage by connecting the litter box to your phone from anywhere.

What you should consider:

It is not recommended to use any other brand of cat litter crystals as the ScoopFree crystals are specifically designed not to overstress the cleaning motors.


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