D-Link Unveils New Cameras Operated By AI

D-Link has introduced two new smart AI-based camera systems to its mydlink range, providing sophisticated artificial intelligence, seam-in-the-dark capability and increased interoperability.

The DCS-8526LH Full HD Pan / Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera and the DCS-8630LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera both feature state-of-the-art target identification with AI technology, allowing for more sophisticated monitoring capability and personal control for any smart home.

D Link unveils new cameras operated by AI

The DCS-8630LH also has an integrated spotlight to help users see in the dark.

The cameras are interoperable with other devices in the mydlink ecosystem, and they also work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as comply with the ONVIF standard, allowing seamless recording to external devices such as the NAS or NVR.

Additionally, both cameras feature built-in Bluetooth for fast and easy setup, both cloud and local recording options, and support remote viewing and management via the free mydlink app.

“The cameras’ improved artificial intelligence cleverly detects human activity, ensuring that they are not activated by the likes of a cat, bird or passing car that may reach the viewing area,” says D-Link.

“Edge-based technology also processes information on the device locally so theres no need to send video to the cloud for processing, speeding up alert response times and ensuring you receive alerts only when a real person is detected. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor further reduces false triggers so you only see what you want and need to see.”

D-Link says privacy is one of the main issues nowadays with IoT apps and Wi-Fi networks. Both new mydlink cameras feature the latest and most reliable 128-bit encryption industry standard ensuring greater protection across devices and networks for users, the company says.

“Another clever and useful feature involves the cameras built-in microphone and speaker, providing a 2-way audio service for you to both speak and listen to delivery drivers, children and other people and pets that are within earshot of the cameras, via your mobile device.”

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D-Link Unveils New Cameras Operated By AI

The DCS-8526LH Full HD Pan/Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera gives you a 360 view of any room. As well as powerful auto-motion tracking, edge-based person detection and 5 metre night-vision, the camera uses Tap Location on Panorama View Angle Selection, so you can point it at any target in the field of view with just a single touch. This means you can jump to specific areas of a room with pinpoint accuracy always keeping any and all moving targets in sight.

There’s also a Privacy Mode on the DCS-8526LH that can be turned on with the mydlink app and when it is, the cameras lens is covered completely giving you maximum control over your privacy whenever you need it.

To ensure you see what you want and don’t miss any crucial movement, the DCS-8526LH employs built-in infrared LEDs and auto motion tracking turning the camera into an all-seeing, highly-responsive, roving eye that pans and tilts to automatically track targets no matter where they move, day or night.



D-Link Unveils New Cameras Operated By AI

The DCS-8630LH continues this see all theme as D-Links first Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera. By using a cleverly integrated 400 lumen spotlight, the DCS-8630LH provides color night vision in complete darkness and its 150 wide angle view captures stunning Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second (fps).

The spotlight can be activated manually or automatically when triggered by motion. The cameras built-in Smart Home Hub connects with other mydlink Smart DIY devices, like the Smart Motion Sensor (DCH-B122) or Smart Door/ Window Sensor (DCH-B112) allowing users to easily create personalized and customized automations throughout their home.

The DCS-8630LH holds its own against the heat, cold, rain or sun too with an IP65 rating on both the camera and its extra-long 7 meters of cabling, so you can rest assured that your surveillance won’t go down even if the power cable is exposed to the elements. Likewise with heavy dirt and dusty environments, you’ll get the same Full HD video quality every time.

Finally, both the DCS-8630LH and DCS-8526LH let you record snapshots and video clips to the cloud for easy, anytime access to your footage. You can also play back recordings from the cloud or download footage to your mobile device from anywhere at any time. You can choose to store up to 256GB of event footage locally to a microSD card as the camera cleverly records over only your oldest footage when the card is full so you’ll never miss a thing. For continuous recording, the camera also supports ONVIF with a compatible NVR, VMS or NAS device.


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