Don’t Get Haunted By Cyber Robbers Using Smart Home Devices

There’s something more scary and scary now than any horror movie-without your knowledge, your home technology might be breached.

The practice of protecting computers, servers, handheld devices, electronic services, networks and data from malicious threats is cybersecurity.

If you have not worked on your home’s cybersecurity, you are putting your personal and private details at risk-it like being haunted by your home. And the data might end up in the wrong hands, like ghosts passing through walls.

Dont Get Haunted By Cyber Robbers Using

There is good news on how to keep these monsters at bay – according to Charles Willits, Director of Information Technology at Michael Saunders & Company.

“Today, it’s very important that we have an awareness of cybersecurity best practices. We need to change our mindset to one of securing smart-home devices from the get-go.

You should have a cyber-safe house if you have just bought a home or stayed in your home for years, and there are some very easy things we can all do.

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A homeowner has to be vigilant to maintain an inventory of all the connected gadgets in the house, as well as get the paperwork for these devices, including a builder’s punch list or a home inspection list. Staying on top of this is really important as technology is getting more and more sophisticated.

It was either the thermostat, the garage door opener or the doorbell for a bit. But with products such as smart light bulbs and smart refrigerators, more and more suppliers are moving into the smart-home market. Although these do not seem to be risky, we need to encrypt them, or we might potentially allow cyber attackers access to the whole house, including our home routers, so they will then monitor the traffic of the websites we visit.

“From a home standpoint, the basic necessity is to secure devices or replace them.”

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Willits notes the importance of “knowing the devices in your home” and stresses the importance of changing the default password.

Willits recalls a story of how a new homeowner had moved in and “lowered thermostat because it was too hot, but just ten minutes later the thermostat was right back where it was – so they lowered it again. It turned out the previous owner was still using the app that controlled the thermostat, thinking he was changing the temperature in their new home – but was in fact changing it in their old home.”

While it can be a little dangerous out there, there are two things that any homeowner can do to escape thieves’ tricks and make a house safer to live in.

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