Everything Set Is Now Available to Protect Your Smart Devices and Data

The Early Access launch of Everything Set, a home-network security solution that monitors and safeguards your smart device data-sharing behavior, was announced today. Everything Set uses statistical analysis and algorithms to monitor smart devices and inform users of potential security threats. It is backed by artificial intelligence (AI), privacy, and data professionals. The service recognizes linked devices in real time by comparing behaviors inside and across devices, allowing everyone to be protected against vulnerabilities and unwanted network activities.

“Everything Set’s dynamic, ever-evolving security protocols track and respond to smart attackers that employ every trick in the book to compromise your data.” I’m ecstatic to be joining them and assisting them in charting a new course for inside-the-home security in the future.”

 Everything Set uses its machine-scale understanding of device behaviors to uncover unusual activity as it happens, alert users instantly, and provide solutions to remedy detected anomalies. Join Everything Set’s Early Access program, which includes a free Everything Set Box and service for one year, by signing up at our website or downloading the app at the App Store or Google Play.

Everything Set Is Now Available to Protect Your Smart Devices and Data

Perfect Way for Your Smart Home Devices to Lock Down

Traditional home data security solutions, such as firewalls and antivirus software, are designed to protect malware that has already been recognized from penetrating networks. These systems have a major flaw in their effectiveness: they don’t keep track of what information is shared with the rest of the world, and they don’t grasp data in context. Everything Set is the first sophisticated solution to provide a device-centric security method to handle this current dilemma. The business analyses anonymized crowdsourced data in real time, pooling comparable data across all smart devices. Everything Set analyses how individual devices behave while scanning for security flaws, such as unfamiliar or dubious IP traffic, after being plugged into any router.

Through the easy-to-use Everything Set app, users are kept up-to-date with system-wide network analysis and instant alerts of unusual activity as it’s happening. Everything Set then provides solutions that include blocking off rogue communications, helping users keep devices securely updated, as well as other auto-fixes.

“The old way of identifying viruses, cataloging them, and building a firewall against known threats is equivalent to protecting a warehouse with only a chain and padlock,” said Everything Set CEO & Founder David Knudsen. David spent over a decade uncovering patterns and anomalies in crowdsourced time-series data using statistical and AI techniques and understood how effectively they could solve the problem of smart device security and privacy. “Our homes and businesses are unguarded and vulnerable to sophisticated attacks and existing available security measures haven’t kept pace to defend against new, ever-evolving malware. By anonymizing and aggregating information across all users’ devices, we are able to understand and protect our most private information and keep us safe. Everything Set continually evolves as it monitors and protects your home, no matter how smart it becomes.”

“The home is the new data privacy battleground: from your home office, to your thermostat, to your exercise routine—we’re living our entire online life within the confines of our increasingly intelligent homes,” said Phil Black, co-founder of True Ventures and a personal investor in Everything Set. “All of our smart devices are learning our behaviors and it’s critical that we protect what is being disseminated out into the cloud. Everything Set is the bulwark needed to ensure that all devices work in our favor.”

“Legacy security systems were designed for a different period and cannot guard against modern exploitations, which are the most advanced we’ve ever seen,” said Doug Cutting, an advisor and investor in Everything Set. “Everything Set’s dynamic, ever-evolving security mechanisms keep a close eye on clever opponents that try every trick in the book to get their hands on your information. I’m happy to be joining them and assisting them in charting a new course for inside-the-home security in the future.”

About Everything Set

Everything Set is a home-network security system that monitors and understands your device data. Everything Set is the first advanced service that solves this modern problem by delivering a device-centric security approach with real-time analysis using crowdsourced data and AI. Through the Everything Set App, users are kept up to date with system-wide network analysis and instant alerts of unusual activity as it’s happening. To be an Everything Set Early Adopter and join the ranks of people committed to home data security, click on www.everythingset.com, or download the demo app at the App Store or Google Play.

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