Galaxy Home Upcycling Transforms Old Phones into Smart Home Devices

Smartphone manufacturers are beginning to market their environmental impact control initiatives, but all of them also require packaging modifications. The most recent case is the infamous elimination of the charger from iPhone 12 boxes, something that was initially mocked by Samsung but later allegedly copied.

Electronic pollution, though, comes in various ways and the amount of smartphones being tossed out is currently one of the highest. At CES 2021, Samsung announced a new feature of its Upcycling scheme that would offer a new lease on life at home to unused Galaxy mobile.

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If they are absolutely unusable, most manufacturers offer to take their old phones to refurbish them, recycle their bits, or even dispose of them properly. That, however, presumes that users take the extra steps, often without credit, to switch their old machines in.

Many just keep on to their outdated, useless phones, totally discarded and inevitably winding up in landfills instead, presuming they have not traded them in or handed them down to anyone.

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Samsung’s Upcycling campaign has been attempting to give the notion of recycling old or discarded materials a new twist. For instance, it has attempted to facilitate the use of its TV boxes as small-scale furniture or even cat rooms. The concept is not only to reuse objects and products, but to give them a new purpose.

Samsung will attempt to turn your unused Galaxy phone into a smart home system with Upcycling at Home, especially one that takes advantage of the sensors and Internet connectivity of the phone. They can be repurposed as monitors for kids or pets and can be used to power other smart home equipment such as smart lights remotely.

This won’t happen immediately, but in order for everyone to follow this Upcycling at Home service, it needs a quick software upgrade or app. However, Samsung has not yet announced when it will happen, so that won’t be the first time it made a huge splash on Upcycling and then go quiet for long stretches of time.

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