Heart Health Test Without Smart Devices

Do you find you’re in pretty good shape but don’t keep track of your fitness using a Fitbit or other mobile devices?

Today, according to experts from the European Society of Cardiology, you don’t need a smart device to send you the essential knowledge you need for your fitness.

Heart Health Test Without Smart Devicessdd

Experts say all you need is a stopwatch and a few flights of stairs, according to a report. For almost everyone, that’s pretty easy to identify. The research shows that the time it takes you to climb four stair flights will show your overall heart health and coronary artery disease risk.

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The study author Dr. Jesus Peteiro, a cardiologist says:

“The stairs test is an easy way to check your heart health, If it takes you more than one-and a half minutes to go up four flights of stairs, your health is suboptimal, and it would be a good idea to consult a doctor.”

Participants walked first or ran on a treadmill, according to the report. The party then climbed four flights of stairs after relaxing for 15 to 20 minutes, which equates to around 60 stairs without slowing and without running.

During the fitness task, patients who took between 40 and 45 seconds to go up the stairs averaged between nine and 10 METs. The effects of metabolic equivalents (METs) were calculated by researchers, showing a relation to the mortality rate.

The study does say that reaching 10 METs during exercise has a connection to low mortality rates which is a very good thing.

On the other hand, patients who took 90 seconds to make it up the stairs averaged under eight METs. This translates to a mortality rate of two to four percent each year, or 30 percent over 10 years.

If you are just concerned about your heart health. CLICK HERE to read more about this study.

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