Hisense Will Introduce Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Home Technology In The Middle East.

Hisense, a multinational electronics and white goods company, has introduced a new range of Wi-Fi-enabled smart home appliances in the area, increasing its product portfolio and improving consumers’ home experiences.

The product line will cater to the current lifestyle by being simple, easy, and technologically sophisticated, and it is predicted to outperform the firm’s 93 percent sales increase in 2021.

Smart-tech, convenience, and touch elements have been created and built for simplicity of use across the product line. This new product line, which includes refrigerators, washing machines, smart cleaners, and beverage coolers, will be available throughout the Middle East starting in July.

Blend of form and function

Hisense’s Home Appliance line is designed to provide consumers with a unique combination of smart technologies and appealing features for the modern home. The cross-door refrigerators make it easier to get ice (cubed or crushed) and water without opening the door, control the temperature from your phone while on the go and save energy on holiday mode, convert from fridge to freezer or freezer to fridge to create the ideal environment for your food, and come with a highly effective antibacterial liner that keeps it clean and healthy to use.

The product line-up also includes a trendy single-door mini refrigerator that is compact, has enough of storage, and comes in a variety of colors.

In addition, a new washing machine series with carefully designed laundry technology is available to fulfill consumers’ home cleaning needs. The smart washer allows you to start and stop washing cycles from a distance and receive notifications when your laundry is finished.


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Smart vacuum

Hisense will also debut a new Wi-Fi-connected smart vacuum cleaner in the region for the first time.

Jason Ou, President of Hisense Middle East and Africa, stated, “We are committed to strengthening our home appliance line-up and delivering the benefits of new technology breakthroughs to everyone’s everyday life.”

“Our new home appliances are a wonderful combination of technology and comfort, making them easier to operate and adding to the convenience of the kitchen and house.” Hisense’s technology ensures that users may interact with their home equipment without difficulty.”

Market share

By providing goods that satisfy the demands of the client, Hisense has been able to maintain its market share. In comparison to 2020, Hisense had a significant increase in income from home appliances last year, with sales increasing by 93 percent in 2021.

The dishwasher segment saw the highest sales growth at 254%, while washing machine sales rose 194% and refrigerator sales grew 63%. Home appliance growth has continued this year with the company recording a 29% overall increase in sales in Q1 – helped by a 16% rise in refrigerators and a 32% growth in washing machines. The growth and market acceptance are a testimony in themselves for the quality of the products delivered by Hisense.

“Since launching our goods in the Middle East, we’ve been trying to strengthen our offers for Middle Eastern customers. Because the offers have been so well accepted, we will continue to extend our product line and give even more consumer-friendly items in the coming months.

This is the year of FIFA and as a brand, with our product line-up we look forward to connecting with our target audience as a perfect match for home appliances,Ou added.

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