I Didn’t Realize I Wanted A Smart Home Luxury Until I Got This Alexa Controlled Fan.

Why do certain things feel so much better when using Alexa control? We mostly disregarded the voice-control features when I added an Alexa-controlled air fryer to the kitchen.

However, since I installed an Alexa-enabled microwave, I have stopped touching any of the buttons on the microwave’s face.

Why is asking Alexa to cook my breakfast for 90 seconds so much more appealing than just pressing the correct amount of buttons? Though it is.

Therefore, when I got the chance to switch out my remote-controlled bedroom fan (operated by a tiny hand remote), for the Alexa-controlled Govee Smart Tower Fan, I seized the opportunity.


Not exactly new technology, this. Fans have existed for a very long time. Around 500 BCE in India, the punkah featured blades made of plant fiber that rotated or were manually fanned to change the direction of airflow. During the Han dynasty in the first century BCE, Chinese scientist Ding Huan created a 10-foot-wide manually operated fan for cooling.

Rotating fans were powered by hydraulic energy (flowing water) during the Tang dynasty in the eighth century. The first steam-powered fan, created by William Brunton, wasn’t constructed for miners’ ventilation until the 1840s.

Before the contemporary fan was created, it was the 1880s. American engineer Schuyler Wheeler created the first electric-powered fan, which Crocker & Curtis distributed.



Smart Tower Fan by Govee

The Govee Smart Tower Fan was simple to put together. Simply remove a large plastic nut from the fan’s base, screw on a plastic base, then screw the nut back on.

If you’re just getting started, you would just download the app on your phone, create an account, and add the device. The Govee light bar I previously had was compatible with Alexa, so setting up the app was simple. When I just clicked the “+” symbol to add a device and typed in the name of the device, it paired right away. The Govee Alexa skill was already running, so voice control was available right away.

You have control over the fan’s start and stop commands, oscillation preference, and breeze level. The Govee has eight degrees of intensity, as opposed to my old Vornados’ three. This is a major factor in why I ended up enjoying it so much.

I discovered that around three in the morning, the difference between saying “Alexa, set tower fan to 4” and “Alexa, set tower fan to 5” is slight but fantastic. The Govee tower fan enables me to locate the Goldilocks zone, whereas the previous Vornado would only move air. I may adjust the air flow to my personal preference.

With the Vornado, I had no idea what I was missing, but that 4 to 5 adjustment, which I alternated between during the night, was fantastic. Nighttime air flow is something I take extremely seriously.

To be honest, there isn’t much of a difference between using a remote control and speaking to operate a fan, but it is really lovely. I was able to avoid the constant, tedious search for the remote thanks to the ability to voice orders from bed. Additionally, it might be difficult to locate the correct button in the dark. So using Alexa to control an inconvenience was successful.

I used the fan in my Alexa Night Mode routine as well. I switch on night mode right before I go to sleep, which previously only left the light next to the chair on in the bedroom. Additionally, the fan is now turned on, oscillating, and set to speed 4.

In any event, fanfare is in order for the Govee Smart Tower Fan. In particular, if it rotates all night, I worry that it won’t always be that silent. However, as of today, I’m a huge supporter.

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