Lg Smart Thinq Refrigerator Wi-Fi Setup

Here are the easy step with images for the users to go through for Wi-Fi setup of Lg smart thing refrigerator. And how to connect with smart Lg App after connecting Wi-Fi to be able to manage and use all features of Lg smart Thinq refrigerator from your mobile device.

So here are the process of Lg Smart Thinq Refrigerator Wi-Fi Setup

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  • Tap the display (Swipe or tap to display)
2 1
  • Press the SETTINGS option
  • Navigate the menu by swiping LEFT or RIGHT
3 1
  • Tap the SETTINGS menu
  • Select “WIFI’ option
4 1
  • Choose your wireless network and sign in
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  • Once connected, select “SETTINGS” option
  • Select “INTERNET” option.
  • Enter any website to verify the internet is working properly.

To use the smart features on the LG InstaView ThingQTM, download the SmartThinQ app onto your smartphone and register.

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2 1 1
  • Select “REGISTER” option.
3 1 1
  • Then select “REFRIGERATOR” option.
4 1 1
  • You will get a prompt asking “Does the Refrigerator have a Tag On Logo?” select “NO” option.
  • You will get a prompt asking “Does the Refrigerator have a SmartThinQ logo?” select “YES” option.
  • You will get a prompt asking “Does the Refrigerator have a touch screen?” select “YES” option.
5 1 1
  • Proceed to “STEP 2” to select the Wi-Fi internet connection you want to connect to.
  • Scroll to “STEP 03” enter your SmartThinQ ID and Password and select “DONE”.

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You are now connected to your LG Smart ThingQ  refrigerator.

For Further information about smart LG refrigeration then go to this guidelines.

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