LG Unveils Smart Home Flecked With The Latest Innovations

LG Electronics Inc. officially unveiled a smart home built in South Korea with the new innovations and technology to highlight future home life.

LG ThinQ Home was unveiled at the IFA 2020 press conference of the organization, the largest European technology showcase to be held in Berlin

LG said it took about a year to build a four-story house in Pangyo, south of Seoul, to provide “zero cost,” “zero commitment” and “zero tension” to homeowners with their appliances and solutions.

“LG ThinQ Home is an imaginative studio for shaping the future, checking and validating all those brilliant concepts for generating fresh knowledge and value, where living takes on a whole new sense of continuous creativity,” said Kim Kyung-ho, Executive Vice President of LG’s Market Solutions Europe.

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, LG said its smart home focused on showing three main values of home — care, convenience and entertainment.

The main door of the ThinQ Home is fitted with a face-recognition system and an ultraviolet ( UV) light system added to the door handle for sterilization.

The house is full of LG’s new home appliances, from steam closets to air purifiers. It also previews future LG devices, such as smart hoods and translucent OLED panel walls.

The house has a smart wall that moves with voice control. LG said its 77-inch OLED TV fully appears from the behind the wall when people want to watch TV.

ThinQ Home has smart mirrors, called Home Concierge, that allow people to monitor their home appliances, check home energy consumption, and make room-to-room communications.


“(Home Concierge) really is a brain of the house,” said LG Chief Technology Officer Park Il-pyung.

The company said it has established a building integrated photovoltaic system for the smart home, with 998 solar modules installed on the roof and exterior of the house.

ThinQ Home also has an energy storage system (ESS) and an electric car charging station.

Smart Home: Top Intelligent HVAC System

LG said the house is compliant with the home energy management system that knows the living habits of homeowners and can automatically change their energy usage.

ThinQ Home can also self-control temperature, humidity and monitor fine dust levels to ensure a safe indoor environment.

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