Nanoleaf Rhythm Module

Nanoleaf Rhythm Module

Nanoleaf Rhythm Module, you can change the up to 8 colors, works with ios, android, easy to install, react to any nearby sound sensors.

Energy Saving Light

Energy-Saving Light

In the spirit of Earth Day, I have created a revolutionary new energy-saving light solution that is only ever on when your eyes are open.

Arduino Home Automation

Arduino Home Automation

This is a relatively simple controller for controlling equipment in your Home Automation. At the moment I control Home Automation my central heating, security and lighting.

Color Changing Night Light

Color Changing Night Light With ATtiny

I wanted to create something for my wife as a present and this is what I came up with. This is a dark activated color changing night light. It has a sensor that can tell when the room light is turned off.


Intelligent Lighting Systems Home

Intelligent Lighting Systems Home, get to know the best smart lighting leds Philips, ikea, flux, wiz and many more with starter kits and their price.

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