Most Echo Speakers Will Be Updated To Matter According To Amazon

The importance of Amazon’s backing for the Matter smart home platform is becoming clear. Matter, formerly known as Project Chip (Connected Home over IP), is a product of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which includes companies including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung.

It’s meant to standardize voice assistant support across multiple devices and make it easier to connect smart home gadgets to your home network. Amazon said that practically every plug-in Echo speaker will support Matter during its Alexa Live developer presentation, save for the first-generation Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Tap The Verge reports.

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It’s unclear when Echo support will be available, but we’re anticipating Matter devices to debut later this year. Google has previously shown its strong support for the platform, to the point where we’ve theorized that it might help bring the fragmented smart home ecosystem together.

Most Echo Speakers Will Be Updated To Matter According To Amazon

Like the Nest Wi-Fi and Nest Hub Max, Google devices supporting the Thread standard will also work as Matter connection points (AKA hubs). But as The Verge notes, it’s unclear if any Echo devices will work as Matter hubs.

The CSA said in May following the Matter branding, “The Matter mark will act as a seal of approval, taking the uncertainty out of the purchase process and allowing companies and individuals alike to pick from a larger assortment of brands to construct safe and connected homes and buildings.”

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