Perfect Way for Your Smart Home Devices to Lock Down

To safeguard the smart home devices you own, follow these privacy and protection instructions from the experts.

Use two-factor authentication on all of your devices, if applicable.: This feature sends you via text, email, phone call, or authentication app a second, temporary passcode to verify that you are trying to log in to the app or site of a computer.

Perfect Way for Your Smart Home Devices to Lock Down

For each device, use powerful, unique passwords: And store them in a password manager to prevent them from being lost. See our detailed password manager reviews for assistance in selecting a password manager.

Enable automatic updates: There is no perfect smart device that is secure forever, Automatic updates can shorten the amount of time that devices remain vulnerable to unpatched security flaws.

Because of their always-on speakers, be thoughtful about the rooms you put smart speakers in

Periodically review and delete your smart speaker’s audio recordings. Amazon, Apple, and Google let you do this in the settings for their assistants.

Target surveillance cameras where you need them, not where you don’t need them. It can seem simple, but avoid placing them in private places, including bedrooms, for example.

Content of this article based on consumer reports published magazine appeared in the January 2021

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