Smart Homes May Be Too Smart For Some People

Is the television tuned in to what I’m saying? Could my doorbell videos be leaked if a firm is hacked? Smart technologies make life simpler for some individuals, but they can make others uneasy.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — While smart-home technology brings convenience to a homeowner’s lifestyle, many Americans are concerned about possible privacy issues. According to a new study of 1,000 customers done by Frontier, a telecommunications firm, the typical person possesses five smart-home gadgets. TVs (61 percent), speakers (35 percent), and lightbulbs (11 percent) are the most popular smart gadgets (25 percent).

Smart Homes May Be Too Smart For Some People

A smart security system, on the other hand, is owned by less than one in four people (22 percent), approximately the same amount as a smart fridge.

Smart home technology is causing security issues, with over a third of poll respondents avoiding smart locks owing to security fears – and more than two-thirds leaving at least one smart-home gadget unplugged due to security concerns.

While it may simply be a lame excuse for not adopting technology, almost 60% of Americans polled claimed they are “very” or “very” concerned about the security of their smart-home gear.

Top smart-home security concerns

  • Password problems: 41%
  • Identity theft: 39%
  • Having their location tracked: 36%
  • Manipulating their data: 32%
  • Home intrusion: 30%
  • Outsides being able to spy on them: 29%
  • Tech problems with their apps: 28%
  • Cyberattacks: 28%

Source: “Safety Concerns in Today’s Smart Home,” Frontier (2022)

Here are three ways to protect your smart home from a hack

  1. Create a unique username and password for each device, and make sure your Wi-Fi itself has a passcode.
  2. Use two-factor verification when available meaning you will need your password plus a code or a link to get into the device.
  3. Stick with reputable, well-known brands which typically have more scrutiny.

Bridges encourage folks to embrace technology but believe consumers must continue to be vigilant in protecting themselves and calling on manufacturers to increase security.

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