Smart Mirror with Home Automation using chats

The smart mirror which shows news with date, calendar and quotes. Home automation can be controlled by Telegram chat.

Smart Mirror

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
× 1
PC Monitor with VGA Cable
× 1
Wifi Receiver
× 1
Two way mirror acrylic sheet
× 1
5v Relay Module
× 1
Jumper wires (generic)
Jumper wires (generic)
× 1

Software apps and online services

Raspberry Pi Raspbian
Telegram App

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Hot glue gun (generic)
Hot glue gun (generic


4.1. Buy a domain

For this we need to buy a domain and hosting. I got free domain from .tk and hosting from Znetlive (free for 1yr -only for students) or you can get free hosting from various free hosting websites.

4.2. Wallpaper Configuration

Step -1: Goto File Manager of your website and get inside public html folder

Step -2: Download these files and upload there.

Step-3: In Raspberry pi, goto the folder smart, inside that, edit index.php

background-image: url("");

Replace it as

background-image: url("http://<YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>/uploads/msmart.jpg");


Here hardware setup is very easy.

Step-1: Buy Two-way mirror acrylic sheet (looks like a proper mirror)/normal acrylic sheet (50% as like mirror because of black screen at back).

Step-2: Make the wood box to keep your monitor and raspberry pi and relay circuit inside. Cut this sheet as the size of monitor you are using and size of wood box also considered. Make sure that, this sheet perfectly fit inside wood box.

Step-3: Keep your acrylic sheet first and monitor as second.

Step-4: Connect two 5v relay circuit to raspberry pi and other ends to fan and light supply(Ac/DC) terminals.

5.1. Pin Configuration

Light relay pin –> 33 of Raspberry pi

Pin Configuration

Fan relay pin –> 37 of Raspberry pi

As similar to above picture, cut and connect the fan supply to relay instead of lamp.

Connect relay’s 5v –> Raspberry pi’s 5v pin

Connect relay’s Gnd –> Raspberry pi’s Gnd

pin Configuration 2

Hope this project is helpful to you. Thank you.

If you have any doubts, let me know.

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