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Top 40 Best Home kit Devices 2019

Top 40 Best Home kit Devices 2019, get to know the latest list of all home smart devices includes security, heating, entainment, lighting and so on.

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Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

Blog about how to use Raspberry Pi for Home Automation sensor data retrieval in the basement. A webserver is running on raspberry and it provides a web interface to display temperature,


Intelligent Lighting Systems Home

Intelligent Lighting Systems Home, get to know the best smart lighting leds Philips, ikea, flux, wiz and many more with starter kits and their price.

Uber Home Automation w Arduino Pi 5

Uber Home Automation w/ Arduino & Pi

This is just the beginning of home automation. A truly uber home automation system should have available many different types of inputs, and be able to affect many types of outputs.

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