The Intelligent Home Vision of Samsung Includes Smarter Fridges and Vacuums

CES wouldn’t be CES if Samsung didn’t have a slew of new products to launch, and the more the company spends in its vision of a wired home, the more we at end up writing about refrigerators and vacuums.

That said, admittedly, they’re pretty cool. For eg, Samsung’s smart Family Hub refrigerator packs all the same nifty storage options found in the company’s Bespoke refrigerators, and lets you look inside the refrigerator with a camera once again.

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A roomy touchscreen that has also undergone some much-needed interface tweaks manages all of the interactions. Unlike before, when apps that you downloaded to the Family Hub fridge were all kind of scattered all over the house, for media, meal planning and more, they are now grouped into unique home screens.

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For the beginner chef or nutritionist, there are also new instruments here—you can map out a week’s worth of family meal on a calendar for all to see, and a tie-in with a Samsung cooking app offers meal motivation, automatic ordering of ingredients, and guided cooking directions piped through the 25W speaker of the refrigerator.

Ironically, while this is a family-friendly refrigerator, there is no way to load your family recipes into the companion app; all of them are derived from sources accepted by teams from Samsung.

There are other brands that also offering almost the similar to Samsung features such as Frigidaire and LG.

Meanwhile, the new robot vacuum from the firm, the JetBot 90 AI+, combines the normal room-sense LiDAR array with a range of cameras operated by the on-device image recognition algorithms from Intel. We are advised that the JetBot will recognize items as small as 5nm and make on-the-fly decisions on how to tackle—or weave around them—as needed after finding out what it is looking at.


The JetBot can decide the objects to be spilled cereal or pet food if they are tiny and round and plow right through them. And if the object has the optical telltale qualities of a dog poo? Well, the JetBot can want to steer clear in that situation, so as not to smear the mess of your pet over your otherwise clean-ish floors.

Apart from jetbot you can consider other top vacuum robots, which are already in the market well tested.

You should customize the JetBot to ignore such areas and, as usual, plan cleaning sessions. And maybe best of all, when done, all the debris the JetBot picks up gets poured into the docking station, so with a ride around your living room, you don’t need to think about wiping out the tiny robot.

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