The Latest Do Nothing Mode of Google Assistant Does Exactly That

For the most part, to get work done or read more about stuff, people use Google Assistant. As we’ve seen over the years, though, there’s a lighter side of it, too, that pops up now and then.

A new Do Nothing mode that does exactly as the name suggests, nothing, is the latest development down the path. And yes, in her answers, there’s lots of sass.


Most of you will not be able to try this out. This behaviour has not popped up on any of our devices in the US or Europe, produced in partnership with Cadbury’s 5 Star (a famous chocolate bar sold in India and other global markets).

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“But if you find that you live where 5 Stars are sold, you can activate Do Nothing by saying, “Eat a 5 Star.

“Once engaged, Assistant returns with a message that perfectly summarizes the experience — “I feel like doing nothing now. And I’m going to help you chill too. Ask me anything.”


Ask it to do something and the assistant can answer in a way that’s pointless and cheeky in equal parts. “Haha…as if you’re going to step out.”Haha… as if you’re going to step out. “You’re in luck. Bushy eyebrows, hairy armpits and no makeup selfies are in fashion. “You’re in luck, a question for the closest salon returns. Bushy eyebrows, hairy armpits and no makeup selfies are in trend.


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