The New Smart Display M7 by Samsung Is a Smart TV for Your Computer

It’s no great surprise that some of the major tech firms worldwide have been prompted to learn about how their goods work in a home setting in the last year or so.

The latest in this theme in Samsung’s case is its recent Smart Monitor M7, a show that it claims is a direct reaction to how the needs of people for jobs, schooling and entertainment have all become even more embedded in their homes.

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Samsung is releasing the M5 lineup, consisting of a 27-inch size for $230 and a 32-inch size for $280. A 32-inch 4K monitor called the M7 is also coming that costs $400.

It is not as instantly eye-catching as the aforementioned Space Display, but with more functionality, it makes up for it. The Smart Display runs Samsung’s Tizen OS platform, like Samsung’s line of TVs, and can connect to your Wi-Fi network to download HDR10 content from apps like Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, YouTube, and more without the need for any additional wired hardware. You will install other items, including Samsung’s Fitness app, from the embedded app store.

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The M7 Smart Monitor has the richest selection of connectivity options for gadgets. You can connect a laptop via USB-C (capable of DisplayPort video, data transfer, and power up to 65W), and you’ll have two HDMI 2.0 ports to spare (the M5 features two HDMI 2.0 ports sans USB-C). You’ll also find three USB-A 2.0 ports for data on the M7. Each of the M5 monitors has two.

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The M5 Smart Monitor models will be releasing in a few weeks, and the M7 is currently set to release in early December. You’ll be able to buy them through or from other retailers around the country.

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