Things You Need To Ask From your Google Home Speaker

With all, your Google Home smart speaker may not help, but there’s a fair possibility that it can do a lot more than you would think. Most individuals already know that you can ask them to play music, recite the weather forecast, or set a timer or alarm.

But what about wondering where your car keys were left? Or at the nearest coffee shop to place an order? Bet you didn’t know this could be done by Google Home, too.

You don’t have to download or update anything to add features to Google Home, unlike with Amazon’s Alexa. All the time, new features are introduced behind the scenes and, typically, all you have to do to use them is simply inquire.

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(“Hey, Google, I need a recipe for sugar cookies,” for example.) Other tricks, including a few of these tips, require only that you link an existing account to Google Home (which, as you’ll see shortly, is pretty easy and quick to do).

Ask about where the missing keys of your car

Depending on if you are using a Tile tracker, there are two options to have Google Home locate your car keys? “If you don’t, just say, “Hey Google, remember I put my keys under the kitchen sink [or anywhere you put them] the next time you put your keys in a cabinet or somewhere else where you don’t usually stash them.


Then, the next time you can’t find them, say, “OK, Google, where did I put my keys” and Google Home will tell you.

Even nicer, if you’ve got a Tile tracker on your keychain. Google will be able to ring you for it so that you can find it.

1. Open the Google Home app, then tap the + sign in the upper-left corner, then choose Set up device, then tap Works with Google.

2. Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, then type “Tile” and tap the Tile logo that appears beneath the search bar.

3. Log into Tile like you would from a browser and follow any onscreen prompts.

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Now you can say, “Hey,” or “OK, Google ring my keychain [or whatever you’ve named the Tile attached to your keys].” Next thing you know, your keys will start buzzing. This trick works for anything you’ve connected a Tile tracker to, like bookbags, pets, you name it.

Google Home is a thesaurus, dictionary, calculator, and more.

You’re watching TV next time and a character mentions a phrase you’ve never heard before (such as, “gasconading,” or, “coruscant”) doesn’t reach for a dictionary. Just ask Google Home what the term implies.


“OK, Google, what’s the definition of ‘anomalistic’?” or “Hey, Google, what does ‘cupidity’ mean?” Same thing if you need a thesaurus, a translation or help with a word game (check out our full article on all the neat things Google Home can do with language here).

However, you can use Google Home even more than a calculator—it can count days, weeks or years; convert measurement units; manage distances and many other measurements.

Arm up with your father’s jokes

To get started, you can inquire, “Hey,” or “OK, Google, tell me a dad joke” but for the creme de la creme, say, instead, “Talk to Best Dad Jokes”


Google Home is full of shocking, secret abilities of all sorts. For one thing, it makes a great gaming console, particularly if you like narrative adventures in role-playing types. Or consider scheduling a command using the latest scheduling function for the future.

Of course, the No. 1 thing they do for most people is listen to music, so make sure to set things up for the perfect experience like this.

Order your Starbucks favorite drink with your voice

To Order from google assistant you have to first link with Starbucks account.


1. Open Google Assistant app and tap the compass icon in the lower-right corner.

2. Type “Starbucks” in the search bar, tap the Starbucks logo that appears beneath the search bar, and then tap Link, then tap Link Accounts.

You’ll have to type your username and password if you’re not logging into Starbucks on your smartphone, but for most people, anything else can happen automatically.

Simply say, “Hey” or “OK, Google, talk to Starbucks” from there and tell the virtual barista what you would like to order.

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