This Uncommon Device Can Invade Your Smart Home

This odd little device could seem unassuming at first glance—after all, it’s a nod to William Gibson’s popular cybernetic dolphin, Jones. Flipper Zero, a pocket-sized hacking app with a dolphin theme, can unlock NFD-based locks, hack access points, and even give keyboard commands to unwitting laptops and PCs.

The Flipper Zero is an Arduino-compatible board with NFT and RFID readers and transmitters, as well as an IR blaster. This means you can read and send data from simplified key cards, as well as mimic iButtons, the small circular metallic keys found in certain security gates.

This Uncommon Device Can Invade Your Smart Home

The company describes it as an “open-source multi-tool device for researching and pentesting radio protocols, access control systems, hardware, and more.”

The $200 unit, which is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter, may be used for a number of sinister reasons, but several of the examples offered, such as opening a garage gate, are unlikely to be feasible with this hardware—especially given today’s protection systems.

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It may, however, be a valuable method for ethical hackers to test their own security and play with RFID, NFC, and IR communication. When you factor in the hardware connections as well as the wireless and wired data connections, you’ve got a fun little product for programmers and others who like cracking hardware at home.

What’s more intriguing is that both of these transmitters are contained in a package the size of a cigarette lighter. The Flipper Zero features a clever little dolphin-themed gui as well as programmable plugins that can be edited with an Arduino IDE. Finally, thanks to a series of pinouts on the rim, you can use it as a hardware creation tool.

Flipper Zero has been pretty successful so far, raising more than $4 million on Kickstarter, and the team is currently offering preorders on a second manufacturing run. The usual concerns are plaguing the project and they missed their February 2021 ship date already, but the company wrote that they expect to start shipping a small run of devices in March and April. 

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