Voice Controlled Home Automation

Some of the best voice controlled home automation devices and software’s you can use to control it via from voice.

Amazon Echo

Echo initially comes only to operate music via from voice, but as with the launched of 2nd generation.

Echo embedded with more options which was unlikely to be possible in the previous generation, it can be integrated with most of the top home automation systems where you can control your lights, cinema, climate control, security system and so on from ECHO.

IF you interested with DIY, Amazon Echo can be worked with Raspberry pi in order to control your home devices from voice, so a lot of option you can select with amazon Echo.

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HAL 2000 & 9000

Home Automation living software is specifically designed to meet only one objective to control all devices from voice, HAL is the first ever software system which was introduced in the market.

HAL can be operate with large numbers of home automation devices installed at your home, it only requires cloud or hub to connect with it via from your PC or from APP available on IOS and Android Platform.

Ivee Sleek voice activation assistant

Sleek is another voice activation device which can control a number of home automation devices via from voice, turn off/on lights, climate control and so on, a large number of home automation system are compatible with this assistant.

Ivee Sleek can be handle within the range of 15 feet, however 5-10ft is the recommended range to perform optimally.


Crestron in Home Automation system is among a few brands which has a complete range of products and robust devices and systems for homes and offices.

They specialized in dealing with home automation and if someone installed Creston system and wants to control from voice, Creston offers them too with the partnership of Google Assistant, you can manage and operate Thermostat control, AV, Music, Security, shades, Lights, Custom scenes simply at your voice command.

To know more about this product. Go To This Link. Creston


This is very similar to HAL, offers voice control to manage and operate home devices, compatible with number of devices such as Z-WAVE, Fibaro, Zig-bee, Control 4, Philips Hue and many more.

OpenHAB allows you to command via from voice to perform number of functions such as lights on/off, climate control, music and so on.

Homeseer HS3

Buyers can also choose this one which allows you to control all devices at your voice command, a complete list of compatible with HS3 software can be check from below link.

HS3 has a feature to connect to control devices via from voice through using Alexa and Google Assistant.

Further information about this Product Click this. HS3

Arduino system to control voice

Another DIY, control your lights, temperature and many other thing in to automation by using Arduino system.

You can also controlled your home automation devices by voice via an Android APP after installing an Arduino Mega board to control relay.


Circuit consist of Arduino Mega 2560 board

Bluetooth module HC-05

Bluetalk.ino software to control MCU and Bluetalk Android App

In Uk Market interested parties can choose from them for voice controlled home automation.

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