Ecolink Smart Home Products and Services


At Ecolink our Z-Wave and Zigbee products are built to the same high standards of reliability and performance as our Pro-Security grade product. Available on Amazon and other retail locations consumers can enjoy the benefit of our experience for their DIY Security and Home Automation systems.



  • Z-Wave Plus Flood/Freeze Sensor with Probe
  • Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor
  • Firefighter Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smoke/CO Audio Sensor
  • Z-Wave Plus Motion Detector w/ Pet Immunity
  • Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Tilt Sensor
  • Z-Wave Plus Siren/Chime


  • Ecolink DSC Compatible 4 Button Wireless Remote
  • Ecolink Recessed Contact – DSC Compatible
  • Ecolink Recessed Contact – DSC Compatible
  • Ecolink Wireless Door-Window Sensor with External Input
  • Ecolink DSC Compatible Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Ecolink Switch

  • Z-Wave Plus Wireless Motorized Toggle Light Switch-Single
  • Z-Wave Plus Wireless Motorized Rocker Light Switch

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