5 Summer Home Improvement Projects to Cross Off Your List This Year

Time flies when you’re renovating; if you want your home to look a certain way this summer, you must begin renovating as soon as possible. With warmer summer temperatures, it’s not unusual to see a lot of neighbors building new decks and gazebos and redoing their landscaping.

5 Summer Home Improvement Projects to Cross Off Your List This Year

The time spent on a summer project depends on the type of project you choose and whether you’re doing a DIY project or hiring professionals. For instance, if you decide to upgrade your garage door, you can use garage door repair services or get a couple of friends to help you DIY the project. The same applies to all other home renovation projects, such as landscaping, lighting installations, and drywall texturing, all of which can be done by hiring contractors or DIY. If you’re still looking for ideas on what summer home renovation projects to embark on this year, here are a few great suggestions.

1- Indoor and Outdoor Painting

Painting your home during the summer is an excellent choice because the temperatures are warmer and humidity is low, so the paint dries fast and evenly. In summer, you can also open the windows and doors for extended periods so that the paint fumes can be dispersed much more quickly. Even though warm temperatures help paint dry quickly, avoid painting in temperatures higher than 32 degrees Celsius, as the paint can dry too quickly in such hot temperatures, leaving clumps. Hot weather can also make the painting much more uncomfortable due to excessive heat, sweating, and inhalation. The best time to paint is in the late mornings when humidity is low.

You’ll also have more daylight hours during summer, and natural lighting can enhance your painting project. Begin in the late mornings or early afternoons to fully utilize the best weather, avoid direct sunlight on the painted areas and remember to keep hydrated while painting. You can also hire a professional painter to do the job if you do not care to DIY the project.

2- Upgrade your Garage Door

Upgrading your garage door is one of the easiest summer projects and is also a home improvement project that can raise the resale value of your home. This project can be completed in a few quick steps. First, remove all hardware from the door. Next, thoroughly clean the garage door using a scrub brush, then dry the door using a blower and a rag. Next, use some plastic and tape to mask the corners of the house close to the garage door; this way, you don’t have to worry about getting paint on the house when painting the garage door. Finally, spray paint the garage door and trim the garage door with your color of choice.

3- Elevate your landscaping

Most homeowners love to spruce up the landscaping during summer. It makes the neighborhood colorful and brings a beautiful summer vibe. You can elevate your landscaping using some simple DIY projects.

First, you can grow a garden in front of your yard. Gardens are aesthetically pleasing when done correctly. They also improve the resale value of your home. Plant a few beautiful and low-maintenance flowers, such as hydrangeas and lupines. You can line the entire sides of the walkway with flowers right down to your porch and even place porch furniture in the front yard; this look will liven your front yard and provide instant curb appeal for your property. Also, remember, no matter how your gardening project turns out, it will still look much better than overgrown weeds and dead plants.

4- Embark on a Decluttering Project.

What better time to declutter your home? Reorganize your garages, remove out-of-season clothes from your closets, create space for new outfits, clean your basement, and take out items you no longer need. You can give these away to charity or put them up for sale online so interested people can pick up the items. You can also organize a yard sale and use any money earned in the project for your home repair projects. A decluttering project costs nothing except time, and removing items you no longer need can bring much-needed space and liveliness into your home.

5- Replace your HVAC Filters

Filters are meant to be changed every 3-6 months. Replacing HVAC filters is a project that does not need any specialized skills; all you need to do is remove your old filters and slide in new ones. Having clean filters ensures your home’s HVAC unit works optimally.

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