Honeywell hot water heater customer reviews

Honeywell hot water heaters have garnered a range of customer reviews that reflect real-life experiences and satisfaction levels. These reviews offer valuable insights into the product’s performance, reliability, and the quality of customer service provided by Honeywell. By exploring these customer testimonials, potential buyers can gain a better understanding of the product’s strengths and weaknesses directly from those who have used it.

Honeywell WT8840B1500/U Water Heater Gas Control Valve

Honeywell hot water heater customer reviews
customer reviews


Summary of Reviews for Honeywell Water Heater

Overall Rating: Higly Positive

  • Overall Satisfaction: The product received high praise, with all reviewers giving it a 5-star rating.
  • Key Feature – Easy Installation: Numerous reviewers, including John P., commented on the ease of installation. The product is user-friendly and suitable for those not highly skilled in mechanical tasks. YouTube tutorials were also mentioned as helpful.
  • Quality and Fit: Several customers, like the first reviewer and Amazon Customer, noted the part was a perfect fit and of factory quality. This indicates that the product is reliable and compatible with various water heaters.
  • Effective Replacement: Vincent Gruosso highlighted that this part effectively replaced the specific part number WV8840B117, which was difficult to find in plumbing supply houses. This showcases the product’s versatility as a replacement part.
  • Immediate Resolution: Users experienced immediate improvements with their water heaters upon installation. The first reviewer and Kerri-Ann McLean specifically mentioned how the water heater fired up right away or provided warm water daily after the part was installed.
  • Value for Money: Brett W. expressed satisfaction with the product’s value for the money.
  • Speed of Delivery: David appreciated the fast delivery, mentioning it was quicker than average retail options like Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  • Product Issues and Reorders: Marc Brabb had an initial issue with the first valve failing, but the replacement worked fine, indicating good customer service and product reliability.
  • Miscellaneous Experiences: Glory2God mentioned that while the part worked, the problem turned out to be with the water heater itself, not the valve. This points to the product’s functionality, but also the need for correct diagnosis of appliance issues.

Resideo WT8840B1000 Water Heater Gas Control Valve by Honeywell

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Summary of Honeywell Water Heater Customer views

Overall Rating: Mostly Positive

  • General Satisfaction: The majority of customers, including George Haslinger, G. Casey, Rosanne, Peggy E. Andreas, Frank Sr, Sue, and an Amazon Customer, gave 5-star ratings, indicating high satisfaction. They praised the product for its functionality and perfect fit.
  • Specific Benefits Noted:
    • Effective Replacement: G. Casey and an anonymous Amazon customer highlighted its effectiveness as a replacement for the Honeywell gas control valve. It resolved issues like the 2 blink error code and failure indicated by 5 blinks of indicator lights.
    • Compatibility: The product was noted for its compatibility with various brands like Whirlpool and American Water Heaters, as mentioned by G. Casey and Frank Sr.
    • Ease of Installation: Several users, including Jeff Eazor, appreciated the ease of installation, with YouTube videos being helpful.
    • Reliability Improvement: Peggy E. Andreas mentioned that the replacement part was more reliable than the original OEM unit.
  • Issues Raised:
    • Pat S.: Gave a 1-star rating due to compatibility issues with a Rheem water heater, indicating that the part didn’t fit.
    • Janet J. Ciriello: Experienced an issue with the part being too small, and the instruction booklet being damaged.
  • Value for Money and Convenience:
    • Rosanne and others found the product to be worth the purchase and reasonably priced.
    • The fast shipping, especially during a holiday weekend, as mentioned by an Amazon Customer, was a significant benefit for users needing urgent replacements.


The product is generally well-received for its compatibility with various water heater brands, ease of installation, and effectiveness as a replacement part. Most customers experienced a positive outcome with their water heaters functioning properly post-installation. However, a few customers faced issues with compatibility and sizing, emphasizing the importance of verifying part numbers and dimensions before purchase. The overall sentiment is that this is a reliable and valuable replacement part for water heaters.

Honeywell Solar Water Heater Reviews

Honeywell hot water heater customer reviews

Summary of Honeywell Solar Water Heater Customer views

Mixed Feedback from Users

  • Negative Experiences:
    • Service Issues: Chandra Rathod reported a highly unsatisfactory experience with Honeywell’s after-sales service. Despite multiple follow-ups, there was no adequate response to address water leakage issues in their solar system.
    • Performance Concerns: Anushkandal expressed disappointment with the heater’s performance, particularly in cloudy and rainy conditions, where it failed to provide warm water as promised.
  • Positive Experiences:
    • PRIYANKA101: Shared a positive experience, highlighting the efficiency of the heater in sunlight and praising its easy use in various settings like homes and hotels. They also commended its stylish design, durability, and quick service response.
    • General Satisfaction: Some users found the product to be a good value for money, indicating satisfaction with its performance under ideal conditions.
  • Comparison with Other Brands:
    • Comparison with Solarizer: Ashwa514 provided a negative review for Solarizer water heaters from EMMVEE company, citing poor quality, service issues, and warranty concerns. This indirectly positions Honeywell in a comparatively better light, albeit not directly praising it.

Overall Sentiment

The reviews for Honeywell Solar Water Heater show a split in customer satisfaction. While some users, like PRIYANKA101, are happy with its performance and service, others, including Chandra Rathod and Anushkandal, are dissatisfied with the service response and performance in non-ideal weather conditions. This indicates that while the product can be efficient and satisfactory for some, it may not meet expectations for others, especially in terms of after-sales service and consistent performance across different weather conditions.

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