Raspberry Pi with Relay I O Board

Raspberry Pi with Relay I-O Board

Raspberry Pi with Relay I-O Board: Relay I/O Board is widely used in applications of smart home project. Find more detail in this article

Arduino Home Automation

Arduino Home Automation

This is a relatively simple controller for controlling equipment in your Home Automation. At the moment I control Home Automation my central heating, security and lighting. By sending commands from my home computer. My homeeasy central heating controller hack. I am also able to login remotely from the internet to control the equipment at home connected …

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Arduino RFID Door Lock

Arduino RFID Door Lock

I wanted to make an easy and secure way to enter my garage. RFID was the best way to unlock my door, even with my hands full I can unlock the door and push it open! I built a simple circuit with a basic ATMega 168 arduino chip and a ID-20 RFID reader to control …

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Onto the ATtiny85.

Self-contained 16-Digit Display – Arduino & Attiny85

Ever wanted a 7-segment display for around the house? Here’s your chance to make one! It can even be interactive based on the programming. Parts: ($7.60) 16 Digit TM1640 based display SKU: 104311 ($2.50) Atmel ATtiny85 Digikey PN: ATTINY85-20PU-ND ($1.73) Extra long female header pins Digikey PN: SAM1209-12-ND –  I got longer sections, …

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