Homey Pro Vs Hubitat Comparison

This time I will be reviewing Homie Pro against the Hubitat platform which are smart home devices available in the market. I will descend into their components, capability, and different other aspects that could change the way you view the choice you have to make between purchasing a smart TV or an Android TV.

The platforms promise to dominate various sectors for their individual strengths. Homie Pro is recommended for people who start out fresh with a brand new house whereas, Hubitat could be ideal for homeowners who already have set up the device. It looks for a cheaper option that could work with different systems.

Though Homie pro boasts of an easy-to-use interface as well as having the edge over in the automation process and operational speed, there is no match for Hubitat when it comes to matters scripting and the devices, Hubitat has a competitive edge.

Determination of your needs and priorities is the initial step whereby you are confronted with the dilemma of choosing between the two alternatives in order to design the perfect home automation system which suits you in a personal manner.

Having not been through the identical process of considering a Homie Pro system as compared with a Hubitat one, now I have learned that each system has its own merits and shortcomings. At the end of the day, on using which one is always your choice as home automation needs and wants differ from one case to another

Key Takeaways

  • Homie Pro is the way to go for a new home with some extra budget, offering a visually appealing interface and seamless automation flows.
  • Hubitat offers outstanding compatibility and scripting tools for those with pre-existing devices.
  • Both platforms have their unique advantages, making it crucial to consider individual priorities when deciding which one to invest in for home automation.

Overview and Recommendations on Homey Pro Vs Hubitat 

To simplify your choice between ice machines and water dispensers for your home I’m going to specify the main features, compatibility and the ease of using the both appliances.

Homey Pro Vs Hubitat Comparison
Homey Pro Vs Hubitat Comparison

Homie Pro:

Visual Interface: The simplicity of Homie Pro’s interface and its organized structure facilitates the user’s quick navigation and recognition of system features distantly.

Logic-Based Flows: While the flow based automations are generally easy to set up and manage, especially for those who lack any coding skills, those who are experienced can use the skynet language to implement more complex tasks.

Responsiveness: Homie Pro, unlike the regular home system, is faster in executing the commands, and hence when you are using it, the process feels more natural and less stressful.

Hardware: With the sturdier Homie Pro hardware, the hardware might survive for a long time, ensuring the respective features and functions.

Homey Pro Vs Hubitat Comparison


Device Compatibility: Hubitat proves to be essentially flawless when it stands out among others in terms of their compatibility with a lot of devices, thereby defeating Homie Pro.

Scripting Customization: If you define yourself as a person who builds your own scripts, Hubitat gives you an opportunity to work with better drivers, tools, and community support.

Cost-effective: Hubitat at a certain point becomes a more affordable version of Homey Pro.

Seeing the diffences in the systems I’d advise Homie Pro for users who start from scratch, therefore the compatibility is insured right from the start. The provided consumer-friendly interface that’s visually appealing along with the topnotch hardware makes it the best choice for those consumers who are ready to shell out a few extra pennies.

However, if you are already enjoying the advantage of a setup that comprises of devices, and most of your concerns surround on compatibility, cost and customization like Hubitat system, then it may be the ideal option for you.

In either case, a throughcareful evaluation of your personal choice and need is important before you choose as both platforms surround you with distinctive features with which distinctive homeowners can exploit to meet their specific requirements.

Homey Pro Vs Hubitat Comparison

Comparative Aesthetics

Here is a summary:

Feature Homey Pro Hubitat
Appearance More complex, with features like weather on home screen More pleasing and contemporary, but simpler
Device and Room Organization Simple and intuitive control of smart devices Simple and intuitive control of smart devices
Automation Flow-based logic system for complex automations without coding Provides same results but with less approachable interface
Device Compatibility Compatible with many devices Surpasses Homey Pro, able to work with a huge number of devices
Customization and Scripts No dedicated tab for developers, current procedure clumsy Included developer tools for users to build their own apps and innovations
Overall Performance Easy-to-use with advanced automation Easy-to-use, better choice for DIY and manual control enthusiasts

I was pleasantly surprised that Homie Pro and Hubitat Hub work equally amazingly well and offer their own special features. I am going to further contrast their designs, device compatibility and operational simplicity in this section.

When it comes to the outer look and interface Hubitat has more pleasing and contemporary appearance, but it’s simpler when compared to Homie Pro. A case like this of the Homie Pro home screen allowing fast access to current weather conditions, for instance, may be very useful to create automation related to timing on.

On one hand, the both Home Pro and Hubitat device and room organization makes control of smart devices very simple and intuitive respectively. Both systems allow for simple classifying of devices and also displaying of their conditions.

As far as automation goes, Homie Pro is ahead, by having the flow-based logic system that provides a more modern and graphical way to set out complex automations without any coding experience. This also ease fixes, updates, and maintenance. Even Hubitat can be absolutely valuable because in a way it gives the same results but with a less approachable interface.

Regarding the device compatibility, Hubitat surpasses Homie Pro as it able to work with the huge number of devices. Hubitat could replace converters if you have already a set-up or give a chance of automation, but it is better to check the compatibility before any decision.

Scripts as well as customization have been included in the Hubitat by developer tools so that the users are free to build their own app or watch for the new innovations from the world. Hubitat focus on open-source development enables adding external drivers and devices, while Homie Pro has no dedicated tab for developers, thereby making the latter’s current procedure clumsy.

In case of the entire performance, Homie Pro and Hubitat are both easy-to-use, but Homie Pro has an advanced level of automation. But if the website should offer more support for the do-it-yourselfers and users who enjoy the doing things manually, Hubitat could be the better choice for them.

Device Management, as well as Room designation.

Here is a summary:

Feature Homey Pro Hubitat
Device Placement and Organization Superior device organization with a device tab for room assignments Similar features but not as visually appealing or organized
Flow Automations More convenient, especially for users without coding experience Less convenient, potentially more complex for users
Device Compatibility Limited range of compatible devices, check device support Supports a wider variety of devices
Experimentation and Customization No dedicated testing or developer options Offers DudeTools for easy integration of independent devices and gateway drivers
Speed and Reaction Times Faster response when executing automation and managing multiple devices Slower in comparison to Homey Pro

Based on my experience of Homie Pro and Hubitat platforms for home renovation, it is possible to say that each of them has some strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to the devices and their placement, the Homie Pro have a great advantage here.

With the HomePro’s device tab I can easily write my devices in each room and in this way I can organize my equipment in a better way. I also can utilize the capabilities to a more sophisticated level, systematized, say, occupancy or other features on room assignments. While that of Hubitat resembles to Homeig Pro’s but it is not as visually appealing or organized as the latter one.

Secondly, flow automations at Homie Pro are more convenient more than those at Hubitat , especially the flows, one of which is written in the following where is not an issue for me as I don’t have a lot of coding experience. This contributes to an ease of automation through which complex automations can be created with little or no difficulty while testing panels will also still be at your disposal to help with any trouble that you might encounter.

But, as far as the suitability with the diversity of devices, and that’s the ones of many of the users, you got a winner in the case of Hubitat . Even though I would like to prefer Homie Pro, there stops being a shortage of devices that Homie Pro is able to determine. If you are planning to use Homie Pro check how does your devices support it.

For the enthusiast players who love to try new software or experimenting on different moves, Hubitat offers a more appealing arena. Independent devices and gateway driver integrations are very easy with

Automation Flows

Speaking the same language as in previous part, we will try to compare the methods using which Homie Pro and Hubitat functions automatically and their usability levels. These fundaments participate largely in resulting in the creation of these automated routines and especially for those without coding experience.

Homie Pro Flows

Homie Pro is distinctive for it is nuanced and structured just like a natural language that brings set-out flow-based automation and therefore, it is quite simple for its users to create complex automations with it intuitively. The graphical interface implies the scheme logically, so that it can be easier for the user to see how the whole course of action as the different parts are all connected and intermingle. Moreover, Homie Pro enables the user to resolve dropping of or bugs in automation setup simply by clicking on the flow and doing a debug check from any specific point in the flow.

Hubitat Automations

On the contrary, Hubitat seems to adopts a traditional type of automation with the IF-THEN statements and coding but it may be significantly hard for the non-coders to visualize the automation process and trend complex patterns and routines. On the contrary, unlike Homie Pro, Homan Tech’s visual interface is easier to apply, especially to novice coders.

Performance and Future Proofing

Future-Proofing is about assessing all the possible outcomes when making decisions in business; Performance Metrics allude to clear-cut ways of measurement and evaluation when it comes to business decisions.

The features that define Homie Pro and Hubitat are mainly assigned to various aspects such as accessibility, availability, as well as the pricing. These elements include the fact whether the technology is compatible with us, the user interface, device setup, and future making, which mean whether the device remained useful for a long time.

Compatibility: The device compatibility of Hubitat is higher than that of Homie Pro as Habitat allows for the work of more devices rather than Homie Pro. Compatibility requires you to consider the device with the platform you identify.

Homie Pro Habitat
Limited compatibility Wider range of compatibility

User Experience: However, it became evident that in Homie Pro configuring automation occurs with ease, especially for those without a background in programming. A visual aid in the form of a flow-type system is utilized by the app, thus making the whole app easiest to approach for conceptualizing and debugging of the system.

Device Setup: With Hubitat that offers more adaptability and an option to create custom scripts as this one option is not too good-looking, it is still the best. A Hubitat is characterized by a quick and easy to annex of new devices or drivers. It is undoubtedly an essential advantage of it.

Performance and Future Proofing: It seems like Homie Pro’s automations operate faster than Hubitat as the latter experience slightly longer run times. More importantly, the Homie Pro appears to have the stronger hardware with CPU load of below percentage. To put it another way, this shows that the investment in renewable energy has a great potential to outlast the functioning of the fossil field plants.

Homie Pro Hubitat
Faster Slightly slower

Scripting and Development Tools

Here is a summary chart:

Feature Homey Pro Hubitat
User Interface Visually striking platform with sequential automations Not specified
Scripting Languages and Development Tools Needs improvements in scripting language and adding custom drivers Easier process to add custom drivers
Ease of Use for Non-Coders Reduces effort for making sophisticated automations, simplifies system comprehension and troubleshooting Not specified
Operation Speed Faster and more responsive than the older version Not specified
Hardware Robustness More robust hardware, potentially longer lifespan and better future support Not specified

Among Homie Pro and Hubitat systems, I discovered that the user interface, scripting languages and development tools can be different.

Homie Pro is presented with a visually striking platform letting you navigate through it with a sequential automations. This is a valuable feature for those who are not familiar with coding as it reduces the required efforts for making more sophisticated automations. This is, in addition, a tool that simplifies comprehension of a system and find the troubleshoots. And lastly, it is the quicker in operations and more of a responsive tool than Homie old.

In terms of hardware, Homie Pro seems to have more robust hardware. This leads me to believe that it could have a longer lifespan and better future support. However, Homie Pro needs improvements in its scripting language and the ability to add custom drivers. This process is much easier in Hubitat.

Adding and Pairing Devices

The process of integrating home automation systems such as Homie Pro and Hubitat would not be complete if it did not include adding and pairing devices.

I have found that Homie Pro builds a deeper level of user interaction, via the layout of their user interface. This entails, for instance, an expansive visual flow which gives a non-coder space to effortlessly progress in creating logic-based automation. Moreover, Homey pro has improved the troubleshooting option as you can test from anywhere where you may want to start your automation.

Nevertheless, a feature that makes Hubitat stand out against Homie Pro is the variety of devices that it is suitable for, while Homie works only with a specified range of devices. In the event of already having a setup which is simultaneously including a number of different devices, a smart environment can prove to be the more preferable to you. Make sure that any units you intend to hook will be merely compatible with Homie Pro and thus save yourself from such a headache.

When it comes to working with scripts written by users or drivers from external sources, Hubitat brings an advantage here as well. Through their Developer Tools, users can customize almost any part of their systems. You get the chance to easily pair and add devices by generating custom codes for each one. In my opinion, it became more difficult to extend the functionality of the system in Homie Pro by use of these custom drivers and devices although its performance may have been more up to the mark.

Through speed and automations, HomiePro clearly as an advantage. Automations are much faster and I discovered there is almost no lag between the various things, unlike habitat where the actions take longer to complete.

Operational Speed

Homie Pro suggests straight to 3D- printing whereas Hubitat requires further planning, analysis, and prototyping. For instance, Hubitat seemed slightly sluggish and slow when compared to Homie Pro. in terms of executing tasks or automating processes.

Homie Pro took the majority of time when I was performing setups of automations, it was one-third of the time. It was evident that in my evening routine, which is involving switches fans on and off as well as thermostat adjustment, I`) interactions with electricity are frequent. When it comes to Homie Pro, the reply was almost the flash of an eye, something that a few seconds, I was able to see with Habitat. This feature addresses the issue coupled with the Homie Pro smart home network (ease and efficiency).

While Hubitat becomes better tailored to different devices than as Homie Pro, it still lacks behind in terms of device compatibility. Some of the automation tasks like ones implemented in the Hubitat devices can’t be handled by the Homie Pro software at this moment. And because of it, if you already have devices with a life cycle, Hubitat could be the one that better suits your need.

Based on the search results, it appears that Hubitat generally has faster operational speed compared to Homey Pro when it comes to automations and device response times:

  1. One user reported that response to triggers is much faster on Hubitat than Homey, with Homey taking 2-3 seconds to turn on a Zigbee light based on a WiFi switch status, while Hubitat’s response was nearly instant.
  2. In a review comparing Homey and Hubitat, the author notes that although Homey has its strengths, Hubitat users should not sell their Hubitat system, implying Hubitat’s performance is still superior in certain aspects.
  3. Reddit thread comparing Homey Pro, Hoobs, and Hubitat mentions that Hubitat is proven to scale to hundreds of devices and that device enrollment is incredibly fast.


Homie Pro:

With the highly advanced chip hardware combined with AI capabilities, it’s understandable that Homie Pro uses system resources in a more robust way. It has been highlighted that the highest CPU usage that my Homie Pro has ever experienced was only at a level no more than 6%, thus, this shows the future optimization potential of the software updates.

However, Hubitat is ideal for those who desire the protagonism and could attempt to write scripts or software on their own. This platform comes up with the developer tools where in it can be more flexible to incorporates in new devices and developed applications. Even though the Homie Pro app offers some options, its net flexibility is not equal to facilitator tab with additional modification facilities in Hubitat app.


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