The Best Android Apps for Learning New Skills and Hobbies at Home

In the age of mobile technologies, you can learn new skills or hobbies at home on the couch, on the road, and during breaks at work. This collection has applications that will help you learn new skills and hobbies.

The Best Android Apps for Learning New Skills and Hobbies at Home 1

1- NeuroNation

The German project NeuroNation offers daily workouts that develop memory, speed of thinking, logic, and concentration. After registration, the user is tested, thanks to which the program can unlock the potential and not just improve brain function. In the free version, some mini-games are available, and upon purchase, access to 32 exercises is provided.

2- EssyShark 

When students want to improve their writing skills, they use the essay writing app designed by In order to truly appreciate all the skills and professionalism of the writers who work there, it is enough to place an order with your requirements. By receiving papers written by that writer, you can learn how to write essays and other types of papers better. 

3- Math Tricks

Another interesting application – Math Tricks – contains many mathematical examples and helps to speed up the solution of arithmetic problems in mind. The user is offered to cope with examples in free mode or at speed; there is a competitive mode.

4- Art Quiz

The ArtQuiz application will help fill the gaps in the knowledge of art. The mobile application includes quizzes with a large database of music, paintings, and texts about culture. Tips have been prepared for the user, and there is additional information to expand their horizons.

5- Star Walk 2 Ads

The main purpose of the Star Walk 2 Ads application is to study the starry sky. It is enough to point your smartphone at the sky to find and track the constellation, even during the day.

6- Investmate

For novice investors, the Investmate app is suitable. The service will help you wisely invest money without reading lots of literature. In addition, the user is offered to develop analytical skills and improve knowledge in general.

7- LinguaLeo

Learning a foreign language through games and quizzes is made possible thanks to LinguaLeo. The cartoon character, the lion cub, will help you choose a program for your level of knowledge and introduce both adults and children to learning. The application’s media library includes movies, games, books, videos, and clips. With a variety of tools, learning becomes fun and interactive.

8- Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind app will teach you how to meditate. It has categories starting with meditations from the age of seven and offers topics in sports, concentration, and good sleep. One of its advantages is the ability to create shared accounts that can be accessed and managed from different smartphones. The program also has a special section for teachers who need to meditate in groups. The creators claim that their app can help users cope with everyday problems such as high blood pressure and stress.

9- Cambly

This is a good app for communicating with foreigners. Cambly is a database of tutors, each specializing in a specific aspect of the language: scientific, business, professional English, as well as a foreign language for travel and assistance in preparing for international exams. Some tutors help with the development of a certain aspect of the language: reading, speaking, listening, etc.

After authorization, the user can immediately go search for a tutor, purchase a subscription, and create a training plan. Classes will be held in video format, but Cambly also has a chat for text communication. The mobile app can be downloaded for iPhone or Android. Lessons with a tutor are paid. However, Cambly has a lot of bonuses. Thus, if a user invites a friend using their link, they will receive a free lesson. Another advantage of this program is the ability to book lessons at a convenient time.

10- Preply

Preply is a convenient application in which you can learn not only English but also more than 45 languages of the world, including native speakers. Let’s say you are going to move to the USA; you just choose a teacher from this country and study American English. In addition, in the application, you can find a tutor in various academic disciplines (mathematics, physics, literature, and others), study in IT areas, business, and various types of hobbies. All teachers are certified and have passed a competitive selection from platform specialists. In any case, if you don’t like something, you can return 100% of the cost of the first lesson.

The search for teachers is conveniently arranged: you can set a filter by the cost of the lesson or the schedule of classes. If you are interested in one of the tutors, there is an opportunity to immediately see their real schedule for the near future and book a lesson. If you buy a package of hours at once, each lesson will cost less.

11- Elevate

Elevate is the brain trainer. A choice of three skills for development is available for free, 14 – for a fee. You can train memory, information processing speed, and the ability to listen and concentrate. For example, in a task for colloquial speech, you need to choose a word without which the sentence will not lose its meaning. In another task, the definition of the word and the letters of which it consists are given: you need to guess what kind of word it is. The application develops analytical and logical thinking.

12- Quizlet

Quizlet is the application for repetition and memorization of information on a specific topic. It is best suited for learning languages, memorizing historical dates, definitions, and formulas. The program uses the principle of spaced repetition: it offers you cards with questions, analyzes the correctness and speed of the answer, and develops a repetition frequency that suits you. You can create new flashcards and learning modules by topic yourself. Regular training helps to learn the material and develop memory.

13- Photomath

Photomath is the math assistant for solving examples and equations. The application can perform simple arithmetic operations, extract roots, cope with fractions, and knows trigonometry. To get an answer and a step-by-step solution, just take a picture of an example. The application can recognize not only printed but also handwritten text.

With the help of smart applications, you can learn different skills and hobbies. 


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