These Google Home Commands Will Make Your Life Simpler In The Long Run

With these tips, your Google Home smart speaker will quickly become one of your most-used devices, from temperature control to alarm settings.

“Hey, Google” may be a part of your daily routine, but you may not be aware of all the capabilities of Google Home Assistant. Warning: the options are almost limitless. We’re all about everything from kitchen menu assistance to getting up on time in the morning, entertaining party guests, and catching up on your favorite podcasts. Google Home has a lot of capabilities.

Here Are List of These Google Home Commands Will Make Your Life Simpler In The Long Run


Heat up or cool off

You can ask Google to set your thermostat to a certain temperature after you connect the device to your Google Home app. You may also make small adjustments (e.g., “Well, Google, increase the temperature by one degree”).


You can control the thermostat from the app too, no talking necessary (Google Home app > choose the thermostat icon > change the temperature

One of my favorite parts about the Nest is that it learns how you like your temperature and adapts. For example, our Nest gets cooler at night before bed and warms up before we leave for work. The Nest can also remind you to change your air filter.

Light it up

Another way to use Google Home is to install smart light bulbs in your home (or even just one room). To make this work, you’ll need special light bulbs, which are considerably more costly than regular bulbs. In our bedroom, we have Philips Hue smart LEDs. If I’m reading in bed with the lights on and start to feel sleepy, it’s very cool.

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“Hey Google, switch off the lights,” is what I have to say. Simply say “Hey Google, switch on the lights” to turn the lights back on. You may also change the color and adjust the brightness and dimness.

Get today’s and next week’s weather forecasts

Would you need an umbrella today? Is it true that it just got extremely cold? Simply ask Google about the weather, and it will provide you with the latest temperature as well as a forecast for the rest of the day, regardless of where you are. If you ask for a prediction for the weekend or next week, Google will include it.

Movies playing nearby

The days of calling the movie theater and listening to a recording read titles are long gone. When you ask “Which movies are playing?,” Google will list a few titles, and ask which film interests you. From there, Google can help you pick a time and tell you how to purchase tickets at your nearest theater through Fandango.

Oh, the music, the news, and the podcasts!

Make sure your favorite music app — YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer are all enabled — is connected to your Google Home app so you can listen to your favorite podcasts. You will then request that Google play a particular song or genre (for example, “Hey Google, play ’90s rock”). You can ask Google to save a song on the app if you want it. To end your tunes “Hey Google, stop the music” is your go to phrase.

You may also use the smart speaker to listen to podcasts, but you must specifically request one (i.e. “…play My Favorite Murder”). It will resume where you left off if you quit listening in the middle of an episode on Google Home or on your tablet. On the Google Home app, you can configure your favorite news channels and change the order in which they’re played to hear the headlines.

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