Hubitat vs SmartThings

Comparison Between Hubitat Vs Smartthings

What exactly is a smart home, It comprises 3 significant things, gadgets (lights, indoor regulators(sensors thermostat), cameras, and so forth.), a center point(hub), and a voice assistant to control via voice, for example, Alexa and Google.

You need a center point so as to make your gadgets converse with one another and make proficient and fun schedules all done through a solitary application.

For instance, when you get up toward the beginning of the day, the lights are on, the espresso producer is blending and your main tune is playing, what an approach to begin your day!

Different devices use different technologies in order to communicate, such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., so in order to control them all together via a single app you’ll need a hub, and that’s where SmartThings and Hubitat come in.

Hubitat ElevationSmarthings Hub
$139.95 $59.99 1st Gen
$300.00 2nd Gen
$259.99 3rd Gen

What is Hubitat?

Hubitat is a local based internet free home automation Hub(elevation), it wholly depends on your own home-based network bypassing all cloud-based third party internet, bottom line you required internet connection for registration and download platform apart from that all the logic for the smart home actions you create is stored locally via the Ethernet using Elevation hub.

This makes this hub more secure and helps ensure that your patterns will continue working even if your internet connection goes down.

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Hubitat works with a sizable number of items, principally anything in the Z-Wave and ZigBee communication protocol, IFTTT, and many other devices and platforms. It additionally has snares for Lutron (counting that organization’s RadioRA 2, Serena, and Sivoia stages) and a couple of other devices.

What is smarthings?

SmartThings Vs Hubitat

SmartThing WI-Fi hub is cloud-based smart controller which controls smart outlets, smart lights, etc. It can easily be integrated with Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. A wide range of smart devices is compatible with SmartThing Hub and lets everything work together. It supports all the standard wireless protocols (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, etc.) used by smart devices and integrated them into one place.

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The SmartThings application deals with both Android and Apple working frameworks. The application lets you configure to design and view all additional gadgets initially. It has a huge steady network just as a client assistance entry( that consistently refreshes and understands different issues.

Which one to Choose?

Samsung SmartThing

SmartThing has been in the market for a while, easy to understand and compatible with most of the products available in the market.

You need not much knowledge to set up a SmartThing hub. All supported devices can be controlled and monitored through a SmartThing mobile app. You do not need much knowledge about coding or server setup. It works properly with all types of voice assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc.

Signing, setup and connecting your things with the smartThing Hub step by step in detail.

A dedicated mobile app you may download from IOS or Android,

Yes, it is able to join via WI-FI or Ethernet cable, all devices connect automatically within the range of hub limit a standard range (1500 square feet) if you want more than you need an extra satellite to expand your range.

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It covers almost all products but some devices need to be added separately such as hue lightening require Hue Bridge to control that band.

Unlike habitat where you need to set scenes by embedding codes in line with Rules machine software, SmartThing has its own personal app where you can control everything offered by SmartThings, set scenes in your rooms, manage connected gadgets in your property from SmartThing Hub,

Routines for Good Morning, Goodbye, Good Night, and so forth.

You can also receive alerts from connected devices when there’s an unexpected activity in your home, but the main downside of this system is, you wouldn’t be able to receive alerts, neither you may control devices from this hub in case of internet breakdown.

The other downside of this device, it is more vulnerable in case of internet breakdown or hacked by professionals.

In case of habitat problem stay the same, as a way to get notification on your Mobile or desire to use voice assistant thru Alexa or Google Assistant then you need to connect with the internet.


$59.99 1st Gen

$300.00 2nd Gen

$259.99 3rd Gen


Hubitat is a fairly new home middle with a quickly growing fan base. It’s frequently contrasted with SmartThings in regards to adaptability, that’s one motivation at the back of why it’s rapidly selecting up prominence among DIYers and engineers.
Another rationalization is Hubitat’s case that it can completely work and even run its standard-based robotization motor without an internet association.

As mentioned about Hubitat require an internet connection to use Alexa or Google Assistant, that’s a drawback of this device because it would allow for the outer world to break your firewall more ease, however the plus point of this system is that apart from a voice assistant, you can use all your devices by using a local network connected with Habitat Elevation control thru their web-based platform.

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The other benefit of this device is you can create a complex automation system, set your own scenes according to your requirement using Rule Machine software added as an extra feature of this device.
Generally, many popular products are well-matched, however, you need to first locate the precise product that is well-matched with habitat.
You can talk to their authentic documented list of supported gadgets, directly attain out to Hubitat Contact Us, or browse their network forum Hubitat Community Forum.
Setting up is not as difficult, but no longer as easy as SmartThing/you want to first put in the software by means of using their web-primarily based interface.

Login in using your Email account purchased hub, or create an account if you don’t have one, then sign up hub button and offering your location
Next is to pair smart gadgets that are very smooth, pick out Zigbee or z-wave and the hub shows all gadgets inside the hub range and you could add them by means of pushing upload a new device, All you have to do is call them.
However a number of other gadgets together with Ecobee or Alexa you first want to put in their apps, Hubitat offering you a feature on their web-based platform where you can add them directly.
To pair Alexa would additionally require an internet connection to paintingswhich can compromise your security.

How to Set up and connect Hubitat Elevation with the devices are in detail

The Rule Machine app lets you create numerous commands or routines to your hub to execute which are otherwise referred to as Trigger, Rule, Triggered Rule, or Actions.

  • A Trigger is a reasonably basic home automation function, it basically carries out a specific movement while a certain occasion occurs. For example, whilst you lock the door or turn off the thermostat.
  • You can use rules in a single or multiple triggers. When a rule is part of a trigger, the guideline and its configuration parameters are shown inside the UI below the unique cause(s).

In easy language you need to set codes for each action, trigger, or rule you want to do, For Example, you want to open your smart blinds for each room open at 45% separately with different timing, you set using Rule machine and install codes of (open smart blind room 1) it will open at 45% with the time you set in a code. Or you can set scenes (rule) using codes about Lights Turn on once I entered a room using a motion sensor device.

However you have to maintained and coding each device by yourself, in addition, habitat doesn’t have a mobile app therefore you have to open it via your browser to control and monitor them.

Rule Machine is a very useful home automation engine, especially if you’d like to create more complex tasks. However, if you prefer to keep it simple then SmartThings is the better choice for that.



Further Comparison oF SmartThings Vs Hubitat to make it more easy for you

Samsung SmartThings Hubitat
Integrating your hub with Alexa, Google Assistant, Lutron Caseta, IFTTT Integrating your hub with Alexa, Google Assistant, Lutron Caseta, IFTTT
SmartThings and Hubitat both use wireless technology to communicate with connected smart devices SmartThings and Hubitat both use wireless technology to communicate with connected smart devices
Both are compatible with Z-Wave & ZigBee  communication protocols Both are compatible with Z-Wave & ZigBee  communication protocols
SmartThings mainly relies on a WiFi connection and the Cloud. Hubitat mainly relies on a Local connection and doesn’t require Cloud, This both makes this hub more secure and helps ensure that your patterns will continue working even if your internet connection goes down.
Smarting has not feature to design and create scenes as per your requirement. Rule Machine software– A big way in which Hubitat stands out is based on the ability to create more complex home automation.
SmartThings hub can be set up via ethernet cable or via WiFi making it more versatile and easier. Hubitat Elevation smart hub has to be plugged into the router via Ethernet cable.
SmartThing doesn’t allow to control user control over updates. You can control updates from Hubitat, dismiss those you don’t want to be in the system.
Most Vulnerable to hackers, could breach safety cameras or spark off protection systems at times of making plans to intrude into the home. More secure and safe due to local home network.

Choosing the one depends on certain factors

If you like your devices and experience filling your private home with the ultra-modern clever gadgets then we’d suggest the Habitat Elevation Hub, it’s ideal for those of you who have a huge quantity of sensors, cameras, locks, lights, and more, throughout your home, and if you want to join them in extra innovative and slightly complicated ways.

Also, Hubitat has the added benefit of jogging domestically as well, so you’re not counting on the network connection so much.

However, if you want to hold things simple, and like the idea of setting your smart hub everywhere within the WiFi range, then it can be higher to stay with SmartThings.

Yet when it comes to our opinion, in case you don’t thoughts a steeper gaining knowledge of curve then Hubitat is the way to go.

Another explanation of SmartThings vs Hubitat

Type 1 Consumer

Some Purchasers don’t want complex house Automation system. They simplest like an easy-to-move system, which is cost-effective and fast. They also need a clever hub that can easily paint with Alexa and Google home. They don’t need to make investments time in to build and keep a Home Automation system. They don’t thoughts going thru the cloud for remote access. Although they still need to control the smart devices locally so long as they can do it effortlessly. Users in this category, like to use SmartThing.

Type 2 Consumer

This type of Smart Home user is a pro-consumer. They are a bit extra concerned about the installation of their domestic automation gadget and want privacy. They like to run their controller network (z-wave or Zigbee, wifi) domestically without a cloud dependency but they don’t mind having the app with a view to using cloud services. In this category, they use, Hubitat, Home Assistant, Open HABL, etc.

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