7 Steps of How to Make Tea Using a Coffee Pot

We all have different opinions about making tea, each having a particular way of achieving a delicious cup of tea. Making tea is an easy and fun process that does not entail any difficulties. With the right water temperature and other required ingredients, you can make a cup of tea in no time. To enjoy your tea, make it as you prefer, for that is the only way to achieve the kind of taste you desire.

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When making tea using a coffee pot, the debate of putting milk-in-first before adding some hot water-or-after keeps on arising. The length of time required for tea to boil also comes up because different people want their tea to boil to a certain level. The type of teapot in which you brew your tea also matters significantly in enhancing the taste of your tea. It all comes to personal preference when making tea because there is a way everyone enjoys having their cup of tea.

Making tea using a coffee pot

An excellent cup of tea is determined by how the tea is brewed in the first place; that can make all the difference. You want to have a remarkable experience when sipping an amazing cup of tea. Consider making tea using a coffee pot, and you will be guaranteed of a good and tasty cup of tea. Simply brew your tea in the coffee maker the same way you would make your coffee with the only difference being using a tea bag or loose leaf instead of coffee grounds.

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When making tea using a coffee pot, ensure you clean it thoroughly to remove the coffee flavor. You do not want any amount of coffee flavor to leach into your brewed tea; that is why cleaning is crucial. Also, adjust the steeping time and water temperature to brew your tea correctly. It is important to note that not all coffee makers are designed to brew tea, hence studying the machine first before beginning the tea brewing process is highly recommended.

7 steps of how to make tea using a coffee pot

It might have never crossed your mind to make tea in a coffee pot. Mostly because you always think that coffee pots are only for coffee! Well, if you have never known that you can brew tea in a coffee pot, this is your chance to learn the process of making tea using a coffee pot.

Read on for the step-by-step instructions.

Let us start by what you will require to brew your tea;

  • Water
  • Coffee pot
  • Teabags
  • Cup

The process: –

Method 1 – Brewing tea with teabags in the coffee pot

Step 1: Bring the glass carafe out of the coffee pot and fill it with water. Pour the water into the reservoir the same way you would do when brewing coffee.

Step 2: Take out the filter basket and rinse it thoroughly from previous brews, especially of coffee. This is to avoid the coffee taste being present in your tea once it is brewed.

Step 3: At this stage, you have to select your choice of teas and use only one teabag per cup of water. Place the tea bag into the basket and return it into the compartment of the coffee pot. Allow the coffee pot to process until it is done; that way, you will get an excellent hot drink.

Step 4: Once your tea is done brewing, stir it for less than 10 seconds to allow sugar to soak up to the tea. That’s how you get a splendid tasty cup of tea.

Step 5: Switch off the power now that your tea is ready.

Step 6: It’s time to serve your tea. Take your tea while it is hot; that is the best way to enjoy it. Choose any appropriate snack of your preference to accompany your tea with. If you are the kind of person who loves taking your tea plain, go for it.

Step 7: Clean the coffee pot once you are done brewing your tea. It is best to keep your coffee pot clean and ready for the next task. Never allow dirt to pile up for that may affect the functionality of your tea. It may also cause poor performance because of improper care and maintenance.

Method 2 – Brewing tea with a teabag in the cup

Step 1: Put an adequate amount of water in your coffee pot and turn on your pot. Give your water time to boil well.

Step 2: Have a cup ready and place your teabag inside. Once your water has boiled, pour it into the cup with the teabag.

Step 3: Allow around 3 – 5 minutes for the tea bag to soak thoroughly before removing it. Your tea is now ready, so enjoy it!

Final thought

We all enjoy a good cup of tea because of the immense benefits it gives to us. Tea is part of our morning rituals, as I am sure that your breakfast cannot be complete without a cup of tea. We can, therefore, agree that tea is part and parcel of our daily lives. However, do not get used to taking tea that is not tasty; instead, endeavor to make an excellent cup of tea that will take your breath away.

There are many ideologies when it comes to making the perfect tea because every person has their idea of making tea. With that said, making tea using a coffee pot is one way to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. You can use a coffee pot to make that special cup of tea in the comfort of your home. It is as simple as brewing a cup of coffee, so do not be overwhelmed, thinking that it is a technical process now that you will be making tea using a coffee pot.


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