Alexa Audible Commands

You can play and control your Audible audiobooks through your Alexa speaker with most popular commands.

  • “Alexa, what’s free from Audible”
  • Audible on Alexa will help you power through every routine, whether it’s a relaxed stroll or an intense sprint.
  • “Alexa, read The Guardians”
  • Just ask Alexa to read every Audible title without raising a finger and have a wonderful listening experience. Start by reading Alexa…
  • “Alexa, read faster”
  • It’s easy to change the narration speed of your Audible book. Whatever speed you choose, it will sync across all your Alexa-enabled devices.
  • “Alexa, set a 20 minute sleep timer”
  • Set a sleep timer before you go to bed so you’re sure to never miss a moment of your listen.
  • “Alexa, what should I read next?”
  • Alexa will send you tailored tips if you’re not sure what the next listener should be.
  • “Alexa, go back 10 minutes”
  • If you want to go back or skip forward, Alexa will change your listening location in seconds or minutes.
Alexa Audible Commands

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Other Popular Alexa Audible Commands

  To do this…   say this
Oh, listen to the audiobook “Alexa, read my book” (plays your last books listened to) “Alexa, read [Tom Sawyer]” “Alexa, read [The Hobbit] from Audible”
Listen to a podcast “Alexa, play my podcast” (plays your last podcast listened to) “Alexa, play the podcast [West Cork] from Audible”
Pause your audiobook “Alexa, pause”
Resume your audiobook “Alexa, resume” “Alexa, play”
Go back or go forward “Alexa, go back” “Alexa, go forward” “Alexa, go back [45 seconds]” “Alexa, go forward [2 minutes]”
Skip chapters “Alexa, next chapter” “Alexa, previous chapter” “Alexa, go to chapter number [7]” “Alexa, go to last chapter” “Alexa, restart”
Play individual episodes of the podcast “Alexa, next episode” “Alexa, previous episode” “Alexa, go to episode 5″ “Alexa, play episode 15 of the [West Cork] podcast”
Get a book recommendation “Alexa, what should I read next?”   Note: This is only available to Audible members.
Narration speed “Alexa, read faster” “Alexa, read slower” “Alexa, read at normal speed”
Set a sleep timer “Alexa, stop reading in [12 minutes]” “Alexa, set a [6 minute] sleep timer”
Access your library “Alexa, what are my books?” “Alexa, what’s in my Audible library?”
Switch profiles “Alexa, switch profiles” when listening to an audiobook   Note: Available if have more than one profile setup through Amazon Household.
Discover free content “Alexa, what’s free from Audible?”
Start an Audible trial “Alexa, start an Audible trial” Note: If you’re having trouble signing up for a trial
Purchase Books “Alexa, buy [Name of Book]”   Note: Audible members with credits available can purchase audiobooks using Alexa.
Harry Potter Quiz “Alexa, play Harry Potter quiz.”
Choose Your Own Adventure “Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure.”
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