Best Budget Alarm System in UK

These are the best budget alarm system in UK with the best rating and reviews, list include Chinese and local brands, however the popular best budget alarm system in UK without budget constraint.

KERUI G19 Wireless Wired

KERUI G19 Wireless Wired

KR-G19 is a high-end GSM alarm with stable and reliable performance and applies 2.4-inch TFT color screen and touch keyboard with built-in powerful CPU master and excellent operation experience. Host connects PIR motion sensors, door contacts, smoke detectors, gas detectors and emergency button accessories etc. After receiving an alarm, host will display the alarm zone and alarm siren on site, while texting to and dialing the number preset to inform use.


  • TFT color display, humanized menu, operation with voice prompt, easy to use.
  • Read RFID card to disarm, can learn 20 cards.
  • There are 99 zones and 8 zone types optional in each zone; ON/OFF siren in each zone is available.
  • 2 wired zones, Open and Closed Alarm mode optional
  • Host can be used as a normal cellphone to call other phones directly
  • APP control host set and administration, and supports IOS/Android.
  • 8 groups scheduling Arm/Disarm function, and date can be selected to avoid arm and disarm frequently manually to realize automatic control.
  • One-way alarm linkage wireless relay, and one-way wireless strobe siren
  • Control as much as 20 smart sockets through phone or SMS remotely to realize appliances remote control.
  • Host dial the phone number preset by user when alarms, and number never lost even power off
  • 10s automatic message recording with built-in artificial voice, so that user can know the alarm place and zone when receive the alarm call remotely.
  • Arm/Disarm, Monitor, Speaker, siren ON/OFF, relay ON/OFF remotely.
  • Wireless study 1527 series accessories, and as much as 99 detectors and remote controls.
  • Integrate high precision clock chip so that time never lost even power failure.
  • Display the latest 99 arm/disarm, alarm and card read records with unique black box function.
  • Low-voltage indication and anti-tamper.
  • Built-in rechargeable high capacity LI battery and supply power automatically when power supply failure
  • Caller ID display, power-off reminder.
  • Host applies four frequency GSM/GPRS module.


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Tiiwee Home Alarm System STARTER KIT

tiwee alarm

A versatile system that allows you to secure your home and belongings – fast. The system is battery operated and uses wireless signals and a powerful siren to guard your home. Add sensors and sirens depending on your personal situation and your desired level of security. There is no need to drill holes. You can position your siren and sensors at any place.

The tiiwee Home Alarm System relies on the deterring effect of sound through the A1 Siren. The tiiwee Home Alarm System uses door and window sensors or motion detectors that are wirelessly connected to a very loud siren host (the A1 Siren). When a burglar enters your property, the A1 Siren delivers an extreme loud siren alarm to scare away the burglar(s).

Extremely simple and effective. No nonsense security to allow you to secure your home fast.


·         Loud 120dB alarm unit (siren).

·         2 window & door sensors.

·         1 PIR motion sensor and two remote controls.

·         No wiring required because the system components connect wirelessly to one another and are battery operated.

·         This enables you to either give it a fixed position or to take it with you when you need it somewhere else, somewhere where they are needed and should be heard. Features both alarm (loud siren) and chime mode.

·         Expand the Kit with further Tiiwee Home Alarm System accessories. Add more door & window sensors, movement detectors, alarm (siren) units or remote controls. Up to 40 sensors can be added to each alarm unit.


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JC Wireless GSM & WIFI Security Alarm System

JC Wireless GSM WIFI Security Alarm System

The burglar Security Alarm Kits support WIFI/GSM/GPRS/2G (can be used 3G or 4G network, But the network transmission of the system is 2G) Intranet Alarm. GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ.

Supports Different Alarm Channels (APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intranet center Alarm, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable). WIFI supports 2.4G WIFI only, it can’t support 5G.


  • Alarm host with 2.4 Inch TFT screen and touch panel.
  • GUI supports multi-language.
  • Easy set-up app for smart phones (iOS and android and Google).
  • Accessories include pet immune PIR Detector (Max KG of immunity:20 kg) X1, door sensor X 2.
  • Remote controller X 2, RFID TagX 2, Warning Sticker X 2.
  • JCHENG Alarm Kit is branding alarm kit with its Patent and tech support.
  • Support up to 99 Defense Zone, with multi-zone location settings.
  • Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number and 20 Seconds Help Voice recording, if alarm occurs.
  • Support 6 Modes of alarm system: Arm/Stay Arm/Disarm/Trigger/Exit delay/Entrance delay.


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Vlio Wireless GSM & WIFI Burglar Alarm System


Smart House Home Office Security Alarm System Kit Touch panel Design, Support Auto Dial, with Wireless Siren, PIR Detector, Door Window Sensor.


  • Support up to 99 Defense Zone, such as gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, water leaking detection etc. Support APP Remote Arm/Disarm, parameter setting and accessory management.
  • Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number and 20 seconds help voice recording.
  • Support WIFI/GSM/GPRS Intranet Alarm System. Support 2.4G WIFI only, the phone needs to under the same WIFI when first time to set up.
  • Remote control home sensors setting.
  • Alarm include 1 x Home Security Alarm Host, 1 x Wired small siren, 1 x Wireless Siren, 7 x PIR Detector, 7 x Door Window Sensor, 4 x Remote Controller, 1 x 1M USB Cable (Simply 5V 1A Required) and 1 x English User Manual.


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Yale Smart Living Home Alarm Kit

yale alaram


  • The Smart Home Alarm range connects to other Yale security products such as CCTV and Home View Cameras. It can also connect to your Yale Smart Door Lock when the appropriate module is fitted. Control all your devices in one place with the Yale Home App.
  • Features
  • Receive picture alerts and notifications from the PIR Image Camera if the alarm is triggered.
  • Use your smartphone to arm, disarm, configure and control your Smart Home Alarm system anytime, anywhere.
  • Expand your Smart Home alarm with additional accessories, including a power switch to turn home appliances on and off remotely (i.e. a lamp or radio) and a PIR image camera to view images from inside your home.
  • Direct alerts and self-monitoring mean that there are no monthly fees to pay.
  • Yale’s Smart Home Alarms come with wireless components already linked to the Smart Hub, which makes installing your alarm quick and easy.
  • Kit include PIR Motion Detector, Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector, Door/ Window Contact, Key Fob, Key Pad, Smoke Detector, PIR Image Camera, Power Switch.


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Digoo HOSA Wireless DIY Smart Home Security Alarm System Kits

Digoo HOSA

Digoo DG-HOSA 433MHz Wireless Black 3G&GSM&WIFI DIY Smart Home Security Alarm Systems Kits Infrared Motion Sensor Door Magnetism Alert with APP Control.


  • Automatic Alarm Indicate when Offline.
  • Daily Date/Clock Indication.
  • Operating System with Multitasking Design.
  • Support APP Remote Arm/disarm parameter setting and accessory management.
  • Support up to 99 Learning/Storage Location for Remote Control and Wireless Detector.
  • Record 20 Seconds Alarm Voice
  • If alarm occurs, the alarm host will dial preset number and play the record voice.
  • Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number, SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively.
  • Support SMS Alarm/Disarm and Voice Alarm/Disarm.
  • Support gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, water leaking etc.



Wireless GSM SMS WiFi Smart Home House Office Security Burglar Alarm Systems Kit

Wireless GSM SMS WiFi

Simple interface smart app for configuration of the whole system. Many useful advanced features allow you to setup your own customized system, it supports away/stay arm mode, alarm/operation log, zone attribute, sound time length, arm delay, alarm delay, schedule arm/disarm, system event reports, Contact ID and more.


  • Built-in WiFi & GSM communicator, receiving APP & SMS message or auto dialing phone call.
  • Offering free iPhone/iPad and Android APP.
  • Monitoring your home or business with your smart phone in anywhere.
  • The SMS alert message content can also be customized for each zone.
  • Reliable alarm monitoring without paying monthly fee. Using Wi-Fi connection, you can use this system for free.
  • The alarm can pair with 20 pieces wireless socket, with help of wireless remote control socket.
  • It’s a smart system, users can add extra doorbell button to work with the system.
  • Compatible with ADEMCO CID (Contact ID) protocol.
  • Sensitive Touch Keypad.
  • Control and monitor alarm remotely via a mobile APP.
  • All sensors and alarm have anti-tamper feature. The alarm will go off when someone tries to remove.



Sentry Pro Touch Screen Wireless GSM Auto Dial House Alarm

Sentry Pro

The Sentry Pro alarm solution uses the latest design of components with outstanding functions and features. For example, the Sentry Pro system enables you to enter pre-set times for automatic arm and disarm therefore not needing to use a key fob or enter commands on the control panel.

Sending a text message to the alarm system enables you to remotely arm the alarm, disarm the alarm or check the current status of the alarm.

This feature is very useful if you leave the property and cannot remember if you armed your alarm or not É by sending a quick text you will get a reply from the alarm confirming the status.

Kit include 1 x GSM Control Panel, 2 x Wireless Key Fobs, 2 x Wireless Door/Window contact, 3 x Wireless PIR.


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Features and Functions

  • Wire free for quick and easy installation and setup
  • Contains 1 PIR sensor and expandable up to 50 sensors
  • Install a SIM card to automatically contact up to 5 phone numbers if the alarm is activated
  • Long operating range of up to 80 metres
  • Can be part armed for additional flexibility
  • High intensity 95 dB siren programmable for up to 5 minutes
  • Uses RFID tags for simple & easy disarming
  • Arm, disarm, set and monitor your alarm remotely using a Mobile phone
  • Kit include 1 x Master Control Panel, 1 x P.I.R Motion Sensor, 1 x Door/Window Sensor, 2 x Remote Control, 1 x GS/CE/UL Certified Adapter.




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