Emerson Thermostat Troubleshooting

Emerson thermostat is a high-quality thermostat which maintains the temperature around your home to provide you a comfortable stay at home. Emerson thermostats are easy to handle, easy to install, save power and are compatible with most of the home wiring and can be contacted with Wi-Fi. You can handle your thermostat by mobile app, Google home, Alexa amazon.

It constantly checks the HVAC system, regulates the temperature and provide important notifications for maintenance.  Emerson thermostats function very well but still there can be certain trouble shootings that someone can face while using it. Here are some important trouble shootings and their solutions.

Note: This is an other topic on the name of Emerson troubleshooting with more issue and how to deal with it in detail. if you are not getting what you are expecting then go for Sensi troubleshooting which is a similar brand but other problems and their solutions. 

My Emerson Thermostat screen is blank:

Emerson Thermostat Troubleshooting
Thermostat Blank Screen

1. Double-Check to Ensure the Thermostat Is On:

This is very common, but may be your thermostat is turned off. Someone might have turned it off without your knowledge. That’s why before moving to next step make sure that your thermostat in on.

2. Inspect The Thermostat Batteries:

Some of thermostat function depend upon its battery depending on model of thermostat. Most thermostat use AA batteries but we recommend lithium batteries which have life span of 5 years. If your thermostat is a bit old then you might have to change your batteries. For best functioning thermostat, you need to check your batteries every year to evaluate their efficiency. m

3. Check the Screen Display and Brightness Level:

There are some thermostats that allow you to adjust their brightness levels. A thermostat may seem blank when the brightness is simply set very low. Some thermostats auto-dim their screen during the daytime or during high light exposure. Be sure to check the display’s brightness levels once you find the thermostat blank to rule out this as the cause.

4. Check for the Circuit Breaker Trip:

Modern thermostats are programmable ones with wireless facility, these thermostats are connected to the main electrical system of home. Sometimes, if you run multiple appliances at a time or due to surge in power supply circuit breaker trips causing the display screen to go blank. Once the problem is identified you can solve it and restore the display.

5. Check for Tripped High-Limit Switch:

In some cases, thermostat goes blank after the running of furnace cycle, this can be due to the designed mechanism of furnace to shut down if temperature of the burner exceeds a safe limit. Generally, the furnace will restart once the temperature is back to normal range. But you may feel the need to have an appointment with a technician to examine the root cause.

6. Do Some Screen Cleaning:

In offseason your thermostat is not in working, it can lead to the accumulation of dust onscreen display. If there is quite a buildup of dust you need to takeoff the thermostat cover and clean out the dust gently using compressed air or a soft brush to restore screen.

7. Look For Wiring Problems:

If your thermostat is newly installed, it can face wiring problem due to inexperienced technician. This may prevent your thermostat from power receiving causing a blank screen. In this case you should contact an HVAC expert to solve wiring related issues.

8. Check If the HVAC Access Door Is Closed:

HVAC system generally has an access door which provide access to internal parts during maintenance or repairs. This door should be closed for system to work properly due to safety issues. If your screen is blank and you have checked other issue this can be a cause. So, make sure your access door is closed while carrying out functions.

9. Check For A Blown Fuse:

Blown fuse can also be a problem foe blank screen. To check it, open the front panel, you will find a clear cylinder having metal ends and a metal filament. If you see that the metal filament is broken then replace the fuse, and if after replacement fuse still keeps on blowing then contact HVAC technician.

10. Condensor Replacing Your Thermostat:

If you are suffering from a blank screen and you have tried all the tips mentioned above but still your problem is not solved then it might be time for you to change the thermostat. Generally, thermostat lasts for 10 or more years, but they all need to be replaced at a point. New thermostat can provide you better control of your

Emerson Thermostat Display and Buttons Are Not Working:

If you are suffering from partial of half display due to malfunctioning of button there is nothing to worry all you have to do is go through following points.

  1. Lightly pull both sides of the thermostat to remove the face plate from the wall.
  2. The remove the two AA batteries and wait until the display screen goes blank.
  3. Reinsert the batteries and place the face plate back on the wall. You will hear the face plate snap in place on the sub-base connected to the wall.
  4. After few moments, the thermostat will reset.

If the buttons or display are still not operating properly after resetting the thermostat and replacing the batteries, please return it to the place of purchase for replacement.

Emerson Thermostat Is Not Cooling:

1.     Emerson Air Conditioner Air Filter:

Sometimes, air filter gets logged and air cannot flow properly. this reduces the cooling capacity of air conditioner and evaporator coils will be frost over. To solve this problem try removing the debris by cleaning the air filter, if not possible replace it.

2.     Condenser Coils are Dirty:

One of the issues for your air conditioner to not cool can be dirty condenser coils. As condenser coils dissipate heat the dirt would prevent them from functioning and air conditioner will not be able to maintain the temperature in this case clean the coils.

3.     Emerson Air Conditioner Dual Run Capacitor:

Dual run capacitor powers both the fan motor and compressor. If somehow this capacitor burns out, the both compressor and motor will not function and as a result air conditioner will not cool the air. To check its continuity, use a multimeter. If continuity is not present in capacitor, then replace it.

4.     Emerson Air Conditioner Compressor:

Sometimes the compressor is defective it will cause problem in cooling. This case is not general so before replacing compressor make sure to identify defective component. The process of replacing should be done by licensed technician.

5.     Emerson Air Conditioner Thermistor:

One of the reasons for your air conditioner to not cool can be malfunctioning in thermistor. Thermistor is a sensor which is connected with control board that helps in the detection of temperature. So, check its continuity and if needed replace it.

6.     Emerson Air Conditioner Temperature Control Thermostat:

If thermostat is not functioning well then air conditioner will continuously or some time it will not cool at all. Check its continuity by using multimeter and if its continuity is not appropriate then replace it.

7.     Emerson Air Conditioner Main Control Board:

The main control board maintains the power voltage of fan motor and compressor. If it stops functioning properly then air conditioner will not work appropriately. Check properly before replacing it as control boards are often misdiagnosed.

8.     Emerson Air Conditioner Run Capacitor:

In case run capacitor burns out, the functioning of compressor will be affected. Check if it has continuity by multimeter and if not replace it.

9.     Emerson Air Conditioner Dual Shaft Fan Motor:

Dual fan shaft motor spins both condenser fan blade present in rear unit as well as the fan blade that ejects cooled air out of the vent.  If this motor burns out air will not be circulated and as a result it will be unable to cool the motor. Check its efficiency by multimeter if the power supply is reaching but it is not working still, replace it.

Is Your Emerson Thermostat Stuck On Hold?

If by accident you press the hold button it will lock in and temperature will be put on hold some times temporarily or permanently. But this is not always the case there can be other reasons too.

Here are some causes:

  •  Pressing the hold button unknowingly
  • The hold/run button may be broken
  •  Loose wires
  • Dust and dirt
  • Power outage
  • Malfunctioning
  • Low battery
  • Needs replacement due to extreme use
  • HVAC malfunction

How to fix Emerson Thermostat Stuck on Hold

Here are some solutions that can help you solve your problem.

1.     Press the Run Button:

Someone might have pressed the hold button unknowingly. If this is the case go to your program setting and press run button.

2.     Check if the Hold Button is Broken:

Broken hold/run button can also put your thermostat on hold. To verify this, turn the power supply off and then remove batteries and reinsert after 30 second. Switch on the power and check if the hold/run button is functioning properly. in case of malfunctioning, repair the button.

3.     Check if There are Any Loose Wires:

Wires inside the thermostat can become loose dur to old age. It can cause disconnection in the button and program. And if you are hesitant to check yourself, contact a technician and try replacing worn out wires.

4.     Clean your Thermostat:

Accumulation of dirt or dust in the mechanical parts can also put your thermostat in hold. If you are facing this problem try to clean the dirty parts with soft brush or by using air compressor. Clean the outer side of thermostat by damp fabric.

5.     Restart Your Thermostat/ Install power Surge for Future use:

Surge in power supply can also be a reason for your Emerson thermostat to be on hold. Sudden surge in power supply can affect the batteries. in this case remove the cover to check if there is any damage in wires. To avoid this problem in the future, try to install power surge protector. This will protect your thermostat from minimal damages due to sudden power shock.

6.     Check the Batteries:

Low batteries can also create problem. If your batteries are low, they need to be replaced. But sometime it can be due to lose batteries. to check it open the slot and check if batteries fit correctly and if they are loose, then remove them, install them in opposite direction for 10-15 minutes then reinstall correctly. Then verify that if your thermostat is working fine.

7.     Replacing your Emerson Thermostat:

Generally, thermostats have life time of 10 years but after 7 or 8 years they start creating problem. This is a good time for you to change your thermostat. Emerson thermostat come with 5 years warranty. During this period if you feel some problem contact the dealer to either replace or repair it.

8.     Rebooting HVAC system:

Malfunctioning in (Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning) HVAC unit can also malfunction the thermostat. Reboots the HVAC system can help in improving its function. To reboot switch off the power supply from circuit breaker to restart it and restart thermostat too.

Why Is Not My Emerson Thermostat Heating?

Test Thermostat Operation

  1. Check if the thermostat is on Heat Mode, then switch the Mode Off.
    • On the app, make sure the background screen turns gray.
    • On the thermostat,
      • Sensi smart thermostat:  The word “Heating” should not be displayed. 
      • Sensi Touch smart thermostat: check if the touchscreen is turning gray.
      • Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat: counter check the temperature number should not be orange. 
      • Sensi Lite smart thermostat: Make sure the word “ON” is not displayed.
  2. Switch the thermostat back to Heat Mode. 
  3.  Then raise the set point of temperature few degrees above from the room temperature.
  4. Within a few seconds, the thermostat should make a soft clicking sound and “Heating” should appear on the screen near the set temperature (Sensi Smart Thermostat), indicating that your thermostat is turning on your system.
    • Sensi Touch & Touch 2 smart thermostats and the Sensi app screen should both turn orange to indicate that the thermostat is turning on your heating system, but you’ll still hear the click.
    • If you have a gas/boiler system, it may take a few minutes for your system to start up.
    • If you don’t hear a click, reset the thermostat and try again.
  5. If there is hot air coming out of the vents, allow your system to run and warm the room.
  6. If there is no hot air coming out of the vents, continue troubleshooting.

Why My Air Conditioner is Not Turning On:

Why My Air Conditioner is Not Turning On
AC not cooling

If your Emerson thermostat cannot turn the AC on, its just a matter of checking some basic issues. Here are some general reasons which may lead to the failure of turning the AC on.

1.     Thermostat Issue:

Thermostat issue is a very basic issue if your thermostat is not functioning properly then there is no way for your AC to turn on.  Resetting your thermostat is all that you need for it to work again.

2.     Circuit Breaker Issue:

If your thermostat is alright and you are still your AC is not turning on then tripping of circuit breaker can also be an issue due to multiple appliances working at a same time. To reset it, open the electrical panel and check if any of the breaker is tripped. Flip this breaker off and on. Then check again if the problem is solved.

3.     Condenser Issue:

Unplugged condenser can be another issue for your AC to not turn on and this is very common in window units. Look for a brown cord that is connected back to a panel. These wires can be unplugged and stop the electricity flow to your unit. Which can prevent your AC from turning on.

If these suggestions fail to resolve your issue, then call for professional support.

4.     Check Your Thermostat:

Check if your thermostat is set to cool, and the set temp is 5 degrees below the indoor temperature. Someone may have changed the setting or have switched it off without you knowing.

5.     Check Your Air Filter:

Dusty filters is also an important reason for your AC to not turn on as it can clog your system by forcing your AC to work hard to attain the desired temperature. As a result, system’s self-preservation mode triggers to turn it off. To solve this problem try changing your filters with new ones in every three months.

6.     Check the Emergency Shut-Off Switch:

Emergency shut-off switch is located outside the AC unit in a metal box. Someone might have switched it off accidently while working on AC unit. Check it and make sure that it is on.

7.     Check the Inside Unit’s Power Switch:

There is a switch in the air handler attic to control power of your HVAC. Make sure that the switch is turned on as some of your family member might have turned it off.

8.     Check the Drain Pan & Lines:

Running AC system creates a condensation which exits your home through a drain line and if this drain line is clogged it will switch your system off for safety measure. Unclog the drain with dry or wet vac or pipe snake. Cleaning the blockage of drain line can solve this problem.

9.     Look For a RESET Button:

If your AC is not turning on try to push the reset button and see if it can solve the problem if not then turn off the thermostat for 5 minutes. Note that this is only a temporary solution call a professional to get it checked.

10.   Look for Icy Buildup:

One of the reasons for AC to not turn is that some times ice builds up on the component of system. Thaw it before turning on the unit but it can take almost 24 hrs. Sometimes soil get clogged by dirt causing the blockage of airflow resulting in temperature drop and freeze up preventing your system from running smoothly. Improper fan functioning and low refrigerant can also create some problem. If you see some problem call some professional.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Emerson thermostat?

You can reset your Emerson thermostats by removing its batteries for some minutes then reinsert them. While resetting the thermostat device first turns off completely and then restores factory setting. The whole process of resetting does not take more than few minutes.

How do I unlock my Emerson thermostat?

If your thermostat is locked and you want to unlock it follow these steps

  1. If you will see a lock icon on your thermostat display. Press the menu with upper arrow buttons, hold them for 3 seconds.
  2. Then the lock icon will disappear from the screen.
  3. Now, you can press any button to test the system.

Where is the reset button on an Emerson thermostat?

All the Emerson thermostats do not have reset button. So, you have to push some other buttons on the faceplate if you want to resent your thermostat.

What are the relationship between Sensi thermostat and Emerson Thermostat?

The relationship between Sensi thermostat and Emerson thermostat is that Sensi is a brand and product line developed by Emerson, a well-known and reputable company in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry. In other words, Sensi thermostats are manufactured and sold by Emerson.

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