Lennox icomfort Thermostat Problems

The Lennox icomfort thermostat may assist manage the temperature of your furnace and provide you with a toasty warm sensation, but it only works as well as it is maintained. Simple problems with your Lennox thermostat might occur due to battery issues or incorrect settings, so try a few troubleshooting procedures before calling a service specialist.

Here are how to fix Lennox icomfort thermostat Problems

Lennox iComfort thermostat blank screen

  • Typically 4 Reason for thermostat won’t turn on

Thermostat Batteries Died and Need to be replaced

  • The first thing you should do if your thermostat isn’t working is to check the batteries. Most likely, the batteries have died and the thermostat is unable to turn on. Check to determine if your thermostat works after replacing the batteries. If this is not the case, move on to the next step.

The Breaker Tripped

  • The main electrical system is usually used to connect thermostats to a home or business. The thermostat or another source of electricity can sometimes trip the breaker (similarly to how a hair dryer can trip the breaker for example).
  • Check the breaker if you’ve previously tested the batteries. Whether the breaker has tripped, just re-energize the circuit and see if the thermostat screen appears.

The Safety Switch was tripped by a problem with your air conditioning and heating system

  • If you’ve tried steps one and two to no avail, it’s time to inspect your air conditioning system, as well as your heating system if it’s separate.
  • Sometimes, an underlying issue with your HVAC system can cause the transformer to stop sending voltage to run the thermostat.
  • For your air conditioning system, start by checking the safety switch, which is installed in the drain pan.
  • The safety switch works to detect problems like excess moisture or high temperatures within your system and prompts it to turn off before damages occur.
  • If you notice that the sensor has gone off when you check the safety switch, call your local HVAC professionals for an inspection.

Your Thermostat is Broken                              

  • In the worst-case situation, your thermostat has reached the end of its useful life and must be replaced. While each thermostat is unique, the typical thermostat has a lifespan of roughly ten years.

icomfort cannot connect to the smart hub device

  • When this happens, it’s almost always due to a problem with our home’s Wi-Fi network. I propose rebooting your home’s Wi-Fi router to see if it solves the problem. Another possibility is that the thermostat is connected to the incorrect network.

icomfort cannot communicate with the equipment error message

  • This error message is caused by background processes that have greater than typical disc access (backup programs, virus scans, and so on). Close any background programs, then close and restart the MEmu software to resolve the problem.
  • When two or more copies of the S30 or E30 emulation applications are running, this error notice appears. Close all copies of the emulation programs and start afresh to fix the problem.

The thermostat has found an unknown device on the system

  • In or out of configuration mode, an unfamiliar device is discovered on the network. Clear the system by reconfiguring it. Select the setup tab, then start and confirm. If the problem remains, double-check all DEVICE connections for incompatibility.

The thermostat cannot find a previously installed unit

  • Check all connections and turn on the power to the system. If the problem persists, clean the system by reconfiguring it. Select the setup tab, then start and confirm. If the problem remains, double-check that all DEVICE connections are icomfort-compatible.

The thermostat found more than one thermostat, more than one indoor unit, or more than one outdoor unit on the system.

  • Check wiring and remove duplicate equipment. Reconfigure system.

The thermostat is reading an indoor temperature that is lower than 40?F. The thermostat will not allow any cooling operation to begin until it senses a temperature higher than 40?F.

  • Indoor Temp fell below 40?F. Cooling operation is not allowed. Check to ensure that cooling equipment is not stuck ON. Check the accuracy of the thermostat temperature sensor. Select the heating system mode to heat the indoor space to above 40?F.

The system has been cooling for at least 15 minutes, without a demand for cooling.

  • Run the system in diagnostic mode to ensure it matches the real functionality of the equipment. Check for any additional alerts or codes that may be interfering with the system’s normal operation.

Step 1: Check all cooling equipment to determine the cause of cooling demand.

Step 2: Recycle power.

The system will clear the code when it detects the condition has cleared.

(Stat / Furnace / Air Handler / Outdoor Unit) The (stat, furnace, air-handier or outdoor unit) has lost communication with the rest of the system.    

  • Equipment is unable to communicate. This may indicate the existence of other alarms/codes. In most cases errors are related to electrical noise. Make sure high voltage power is separated from RSBus. Check for miswired and/or loose connections between the stat, indoor unit and outdoor unit. Check for a high-voltage source of noise close to the system. Generally, this is a self-recoverable error.

The thermostat is reading indoor temperatures below the pre-programmed limit.     

  • Recalibrate thermostat to clear; warm thermostat; adjust set point. Replace thermostat, if needed.

(Air Handler) The heat pump defrost cycle has taken more than 20 minutes to complete.  

  • Defrost cycle lasts longer than 20 minutes. Check heat pump operation. Cleared
  • When W1 signal is removed. Applicable only in communicating mode with non-communicating heat

Lennox icomfort error code 434

How to clear Lennox error code 434

Reboot it

  • Turn breaker to AC off in breaker box
  • Turn power to furnace/blower unit OFF
  • Turn Ac breaker on
  • Turn furnace power on
  • Wait 5 min

Lennox icomfort error code 413

Code 413 is a high-pressure lockout

The causes for that high pressure would be like:

Dirty coil, fan motor issue, reversing valve issue or a restriction in the refrigeration cycle                                                        The 413 should automatically clear itself with no need for a reset.

413 code is auto reset, meaning there’s nothing you should have to do to reset it.

Basically, it’s saying the internal pressure of the machine is abnormally high, this information may be correct or incorrect, depending on if the sensor or board is bad. It could be anything from a bad capacitor, high-pressure switch, or board/tstat.

On the refrigeration end of things, could be an issue with (restriction in the lines, filter dryer, or the metering device

Lennox iComfort S30

Unknown Device1 second off. Detected

On-air handler, furnace, and outdoor controls, the soft-disabled state is displayed by double horizontal lines on a seven-segment display. On the damper control module,

The green LED will blink 3 seconds on and Unknown Device1 second off. Detected – DEVICE2√On the equipment interface module, the green LED will blink 3 seconds on and 1 second off.

A new communicating device has been added to the system since the original configuration setup was completed.

Go to menu > advance settings > view dealer control center >equipment and press reset all equipment. This will allow the system to auto-detect any icomfort component attached.

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  1. Michael Cohen

    The screen of my thermostat illuminates but no info appears on it…just a blank lit up screen. Can this be batteries?

  2. I have noticed that my I-comfort thermostat has rebooted on its own around 11:45 pm several times. The screen goes black and then it takes a couple of minutes to come back to its normal display. Everything else seems to be working correctly. What is going on with my thermostat?

  3. My iComfort thermostat continues to experience error code 55 or 124 where it cannot fine either the indoor or outdoor unit. I can easily reset it by cycling the power on and off or letting it sit and the system will eventually reset itself. There are no loose wires and I have had the circuit boards professionally checked. There has been no electrical work done or added to or near the area that would create high voltage interference. Is this something that can be fixed by resetting the software of the thermostat or is it simply broken and time to replace it? If replacement is my only option, can I replace straight across with EcobeeStates5-01 and not loose any functionality (programmable 2 stage heat/cool with humidifier and wi-fi enabled)?

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