Schlage Fe595 Troubleshooting – Complete Smart Lock Guide

Here are a compilation of most of the problems of Schlage fe595 and troubleshooting against these issues is in detail for the users. However, you want to know how to add 4 digit code or how to change code without programing code go to these respective articles.

Problem Beeps Lights  Solution
User code (4DUC) does not unlock the lock. 2 Red 4DUC entered is not a valid 4DUC
  1 High
1 Low
Green then Red   User codes have been disabled. Enable User Codes.
Does not light when numbers are pressed. None None 1.  Too many incorrect user codes have been Entered. Wait 30 seconds and try again.
2.  If the keypad does not respond after 30 Seconds, then replace the battery.  
There is a delay before unlocking After a valid 4DUC is entered. High/Low, then Red then Green The battery is low and should be replaced.
Blinking Red but no codes has been entered None Quick Red Blinking The battery is dead and MUST be replaced.
Cannot add a new 4DUC. High/Low Red 19 4DUCs already exist. Delete a 4DUC before adding a new one.
  2                Red 1. the Second 4DUC entered did not match the first 4DUC entered.
2.  The 4DUC matches the first four digits of the existing 6DPC.  
Cannot delete a 4DUC. 2                Red The second 4DUC entered did not match first 4DUC entered
Cannot change 6 digit programming code (6DPC). 2 Red 1.  Second 6DPC entered did not match first 6DPC entered.
2.  First four digits of new 6DPC match an existing 4DUC.
Cannot delete all user codes. 2 Red 6DPC entered second time is incorrect.
Lock will not stay in programming mode. 2 Red 1.  Any key other than   was pressed immediately after programming mode was entered.
2.  An incorrect entry was made during the programming process.
For BE365, after pushing the Schlage button and rotating thumbturn, the deadbolt does not extend. None None Turn Lock Feature is disabled.
I forgot my 6DPC.   None None 1.  Check front of manual or back of keypad assembly for preset 6DPC.
2.  If needed, restore lock to preset settings.
Outside thumbturn does not freely spin after deadbolt is thrown. None None Lock is malfunctioning.

Frequently Asked Question

Schlage lock blinks green but won’t open


  • Set the thumbturn to “unlocked” (vertical) position before u remove the inside cover to change the battery. Keep it in “unlocked” until you have completed the battery change and put the inside cover back on. Now u can put thumbturn in “locked” position and test your code. This is how it solved.

2nd solution

  • Tap the safe with a rubber mallet 5 times above the panel and 5 times to the right of the panel.

If these above solutions failed to solve this issue, then go to a detail guide where you can find out the other reasons and how to fix this green light blinking but failed to open the door. 

Schlage lock blinks red then Green


  • Battery is low and should be replaced.

Schlage lock blue light


  • Entire keypad glows blue during programming and when the Schlage button is pressed before pressing any codes.

Schlage keypad lock flashing green.


  • When you entered the incorrect code, lock flashing green.

Factory reset Schlage lock

  1. Disconnect the battery.
  2. On the lock keypad, press and release the Schlage button.
  3. Reconnect the battery and wait until the Schlage button is no longer lit.
  4. Within ten (10) seconds, press and hold the Schlage button until it lights green and the lock beeps

How to replace Schlage Battery?

  • Remove cover screws.
  • Remove screw on upper left to release upper battery tray.
  • Hold battery tray in place while loosening screw.
  • Upper battery tray will be released. Fully remove tray and
  • Remove old battery.
  • Remove 9V battery.
  • Remove the 9V connector from the old 9V battery.
  • Replace with premium 9V alkaline battery.

How to open a Schlage lock with a dead battery and no key?

Follow these steps to perform an emergency jump start.

  1. Connect a new high-quality alkaline 9-volt battery to the contacts below the touchscreen and listen for the long beep.
  2. Keep the battery connected to the contact points as you unlock the door.
  3. Enter your user code and rotate the thumbturn toward the hinges.
  4. Replace the dead battery with the new 9V battery.

Icons and Lights

  • Green light: A correct access code was entered.
  • Red light: An incorrect access code was entered.
  • Low battery icon: The battery is low.      
  • Flashing red battery icon: The battery is critically low.

For More Information: go to Schlage Support Center

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