Schlage Lock Blinks Green But Won’t Open – Fixed

Schlage smart locks are simple to use, simple to install, and quick to control through the SmartThings app. But occasionally, you can run into issues with your Schlage smart lock.

The following are the most typical causes of a Schlage lock that blinks green but won’t open:

  • Incorrect Installation
  • Enabled Lock Override
  • Dirt or Grime Inside
  • Low or Dead Batteries
  • Simple Technical Glitch

After giving your lock every name in the book but clever, you will discover that the root of the problem is probably a lack of maintenance or a little error.

In this article, we’ll walk you through five specific fixes to reopen your Schlage lock after it stopped working. By using the advice in this article, you may identify the issue, discover more about your lock, and discover some strategies to stop it from happening again.

Here Are the Solutions of How to Fix Schlage Lock Blinks Green But Won’t Open

Make Sure That Schlage Lock Is Correctly Installed

If your lock won’t unlock despite the fact that you’re confident you entered a valid user code, double-check that the installation is finished. Check your Schlage lock’s serial number again to make sure it matches the model you’re using if the door still won’t open. Try restarting the lock for roughly five seconds by taking out and replacing the batteries if it doesn’t match and you haven’t entered the incorrect serial number. To ensure that your Schlage smart lock installation is correct and complete.

Here’s how to check whether your Schlage lock has been installed correctly:

  • Make certain the lock mechanism works without resistance or binding. To open the door, turn the lever or knob, making sure it doesn’t stick or need too much force. Additionally, the key should turn and insert smoothly.
  • Verify that the latch and strike plate are correctly positioned and aligned. The latch should engage with the strike plate without the need for any force or adjustment, and the striking plate should be centered on the hole in the door jamb.
  • Look closely at the screws holding the lockset to the door. Although the screws need to be secure, they shouldn’t be overtightened as this could harm the door or lock. Make sure the screws are the correct size for the lockset and flush with the surface of the door.
  • Verify that the lock is mounted on the appropriate side of the door. A Schlage lockset is created specifically for a left- or right-handed orientation. The lock will break if the lockset is mounted on the wrong side of the door.

Check the Lock Override

There is a lock override feature on many Schlage keypad locks that, when activated, prevents use of the keypad. This feature may become partially engaged on its own and refuse access after some typical wear and tear.

Checking or fixing problems with the Schlage lock override mechanism can be done as follows:

Make sure it is not completely engaged. By removing the cover on the inside panel of the door, you can reach the lock override. There will be a small hole with the words “LOCK OVERRIDE” and a flat-head screw accessible. It is not engaged while the line is horizontal, thus the keypad should be able to unlock the door. The keypad cannot be used if the line is vertical since it is engaged.

Lock it and unlock it a few times. Even if it doesn’t seem to be engaged, lock it and unlock it numerous times before letting it rest in the usual unlocked position to ensure that it is completely horizontal.

Replace Batteries

Schlage Lock Blinks Green But Won’t Open
AAA Alkaline

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the batteries in your Schlage keypad lock are fully charged. The majority of Schlage locks have a low battery indicator that lets you know when the batteries are running low, however because certain batteries are of poor quality, this can occasionally happen without warning. Just in case, have extra batteries on hand!

Before using, it is crucial to make sure the batteries are in good shape. Why make them do something that could harm important components? Take these simple actions:

  • Verify that the batteries are not damaged or expired.
  • Make sure you don’t mix old and fresh batteries because doing so could harm the lock.
  • Only replace AAA alkaline batteries as needed, and avoid using rechargeable batteries if at all possible.

After Replacement of battery read these guidelines, sometimes these are reasons Schlage lock is not working.

Clean the Lock and Lubricate It

Schlage Lock Blinks Green But Won’t Open

The buildup of dust and debris inside the lock over time can create friction and make it challenging to turn the key. Grime can also strain the deadbolt, making it more difficult for it to close. This can cause a lock to perform less effectively than it should, which can be annoying and potentially pose a security concern.

Follow these helpful instructions to thoroughly clean your Schlage lock:

  • To remove any thick debris from the lock, use a soft brush or compressed air. To inspect the striking plate for dirt, extend and retract the deadbolt.
  • Use a solution of mild soap and water to clean the surface of your door hardware. Never submerge parts in liquid or apply chemicals directly to the lock, especially in regions that are exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Any soap residue can be removed by rinsing a clean towel with fresh water.
  • To prevent dirt from easily collecting in any remaining wet patches, dry the lock with a brand-new, clean towel.
  • To maintain the components of the lock moving smoothly, lightly apply lock lubricant. Aim to remove any lubrication that is clearly seen to be extra.

Factory Reset

If your door still won’t unlock after using a Schlage keypad to unlock it and entering the correct code, your lock’s electronics are faulty. You must perform a factory reset on the device in order to fix it.

It’s possible that the Schlage touchscreen deadbolt needs to be reset if you experience any problems with it. The lock might need to be factory reset if you’ve verified that all of the installation instructions have been followed and it still won’t open.

Here’s How To Perform A Hard Reset On A Schlage Keypad Lock:

1.    Unlock The Door By Opening It.

If you can, open the door and unlock the lock. In the unlikely event that the lock malfunctions, this will stop you from being locked.

2.    Remove The Interior Cover And Unplug The Battery.

Before you can remove the outer shell of most locks, you need to remove a few screws. Temporarily detach the connecting plate from the battery.

3.    Once the Schlage button has been pressed, attach the battery.

Press and let go of the Schlage button once on the keypad. After hitting the button, you have ten seconds to reconnect the battery.

4.    Hold Down The Schlage Button While Pressing It Until It Beeps And Becomes Green.

To see green and hear it beep, you must hold the button down for up to 10 seconds.

NOTE: You should check your default user codes right away to determine if they are functioning and if the reset has resolved your problem. Try again to reset the lock if it didn’t work the first time if the default codes weren’t working.

Any codes you have already put into your device will be wiped along with all other settings after a factory reset. You will need to completely reprogram the lock in order to restore your codes and settings.

For more help with this or assistance with particular models, see our in-depth guide on how to reset a Schlage lock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is My Schlage Lock Just Blinking Green?

After entering a code, the green Schlage button will flash. The entered code is correct.

Why Is My Schlage Lock Not Unlocking?

If your Schlage Connect smart lock’s keyless access feature isn’t functioning, try the following: First, make sure the batteries in your locks aren’t dead and replace them if necessary. If it doesn’t work, try resetting your Schlage lock to factory settings or turning off Vacation Mode.

Why is my Schlage lock beeping 3 times?

A programming or operational error is indicated by three beeps.

What Is A Schlage Emergency Key?

emergency key 1
Emergency Key

This key can be used from the outside to activate a privacy feature. In the event of an emergency, this tool can be used to open any Schlage Privacy lock by inserting it through a hole on the outside of the knob or lever. These are genuine, original, emergency keys from the manufacturer.

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