While stocks last, grab Google’s charming Nest Mini smart speaker for $18

Nest Mini Description

The Google Nest Mini is a quiet, little smart speaker that lets you use voice commands to access the full Google ecosystem. Play music, listen to the news, synchronize your compatible smart home devices, set timers and reminders, and much more.

Over the past few weeks, there have been a ton of offers on smart speakers, but this one on the most recent Google Nest Mini has to be one of the toughest to pass up due to its almost impulse-buy pricing. The second-generation gadget can answer all of your probing inquiries, play music and podcasts, tell you the news and the weather, operate your entire smart home’s gadgetry, and read you the news. One of the top Google Assistant smart speakers now on the market, it sells for $50 on average. However, you can currently purchase one at Walmart for $18.

While stocks last, grab Google's charming Nest Mini smart speaker for $18

The benefits of purchasing the Google Nest Mini

The Nest Mini is available in four stylish colors, but not all of them are on sale for this low $18 price, so be sure before placing your order. However, due to its small size, it can be tucked away in practically any place and even hung on the wall. Just a local Wi-Fi network and the Google Home app loaded on your phone are required for setup. The sound quality isn’t going to blow you away because of its tiny size, but it’s good enough for quiet, private use, and the speech recognition is superb.

Three far-field microphones and a speaker with a 40mm driver are included within the Nest Mini, allowing it to pick up voice instructions from across the room even when music is playing. Four LED indication lights and capacitive touch playback controls are located on the speaker’s top. The Mini does not have an audio-out port, so you cannot connect it to a bigger stereo system. However, you may wirelessly couple the Mini with other Nest speakers to enjoy stereo and multi-room audio.

See At Walmart: $18

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