Why Dyson V11 Airway Blocked but No Blockage – How to fix it.

Dyson V11 is a special cordless vacuum for cleaning the carpet and floor. It consists of an LCD screen that detects the battery life and the person if there is any problem in the maintenance. One of the common problems people have faced while using it is a blockage in the airway. There can be specific reasons which can cause blockage in the airways, such as the dirt particles that may get accumulated in the Filter, the Filter might have worn out, the vacuuming of big particles, or improper maintenance of Dyson filters.

The air filters cause the main issue. So, to solve this issue, you can replace the filters, as cleaning them at least once a month is essential. Even after this problem still occurs, then ensure filter installation is correct, dry the filter out completely, or need a filter replacement. So let’s discuss in detail why the Dyson V11 Airway is Blocked but No Blockage – How to fix it. 

Reasons for not working the Dyson airways even after cleaning the filters

Even though you have cleaned the Filter thoroughly and it is still not working, it could be because it is too wet or not installed correctly. So, let’s discuss why Dyson V11 Airway is Blocked but has No Blockage – How to fix it. 

1.      Improper installation of filters

The first and foremost reason could be the improper installation of the filters. Once you have cleaned the Filter, while reinstalling it into the vacuum, the cap must be rotated in the clockwise direction until it clicks. If you have turned it in the anti-clock order, the Filter might not fit properly, and this will cause the vacuum not to work correctly.


Apart from incorrect twisting of the Filter, there could be other reasons, like during cleaning, if the Filter is not cleaned correctly, the debris may get stuck, and it will not allow proper fitting of the Filter in the vacuum. That’s why it’s always suggested that when you start cleaning it use a soft bristle brush which can remove even the smallest particles. Without proper sealing of the filter unit in the vacuum, the vacuum may not work correctly, even if you pull the trigger.

Another method to identify if the Filter is fitted correctly is not indicated by the blue light which flashes on the side of the Filter once the trigger is pulled. The blue lights showed that the V11 vacuum has some issues requiring troubleshooting. So now let’s see how to solve this problem. 

Ways to fix the issue caused during installations

To solve this issue, the first thing to do is to remove the vacuum filters.

Check the filter section where it gets in contact with the V11 vacuum.

Look for any debris or dust that may be present in the Filter, which is not allowing the Filter to lock into the void properly.

If there is any debris, remove and clean the filters correctly and after cleaning the Filter, place it back in the vacuum by twisting it in a clockwise direction. Twist it unless you hear the click.

It might be challenging for some people to properly adjust the Filter as the rubber gasket in between the vacuum and Filter sometimes makes it difficult to twist it. You can help with the instructions provided on the back side of the filtering unit. Also, when you purchase the vacuum, you will get a brochure with all the information regarding the usage of vacuums.

2.      Filter Is Still Wet

After washing the Filter with cold water, the Filter is not properly dried. After cleaning the Filter, it is essential to dry it properly first with the help of a cloth or dry air. If you put back the Filter without drying it, then the moisture present in the Filter may not allow the air to pass through it. Thus, the vacuum will not work. Avoid such kinds of mistakes. Read proper instructions before cleaning the filters. Otherwise, it will damage the vacuum.

Ways to fix this issue:

If you leave the wet Filter inside, then immediately remove it and leave it overnight to make it dry. If you use a damp filter, it might damage the whole vacuum and filter unit as well the water can get into the motor of the vacuum, which can damage the entire vacuum.

If you find that any part of the vacuum is damaged, then the reason for it could be that the excess water from the wet Filter may somehow reach through the other features and caused damage to the vacuum. So, removing that part of the vacuum that may have been wet due to moisture from the Filter is essential.  

The Dyson company advises that when you plan to wash the Filter. Wash it with cold water properly without leaving any debris, and after washing, air dries it or leave it under sunlight to ensure it’s completely dried. You can also it overnight. If you plan to use the vacuum, clean it one day before using it as it takes much time to dry it properly.

dry the filter

Air dry it or put it under optimal airflow. Please don’t use a hair dryer or heat guns to make it dry, as indirect heating can damage the filters. Also, do not expose it to direct sunlight as it may tear the Filter. After drying it under the airflow, leave it for 24 hours so that any moisture left inside is wholly removed.


3.      Motorhead has stopped functioning

Another reason your V11 vacuum is not working is the issue with the motorhead of the vacuum. The motorhead may have failed to work ultimately. If this happens, that means that after cleaning the Filter, you might not have dried the Filter properly. If you use a damp filter, it might damage the whole vacuum and filter unit as well the water can get into the motor of the vacuum, which can damage the motorhead and stops functioning. The water can cause a short circuit in the engine, damaging it and making it unstable.

How to Fix the functioning of the motorhead

If the Dyson V11 motor is not functioning because of the damage caused by the water, then you have to replace it with a new motor completely. You can buy the new engine from Dyson. The customer support system of Dyson can help you with this problem. If they cannot do so, they may inform you about another option to fix this problem.  

Another way to solve this problem is by calling a local appliance specialist. You can buy the motor from the local electrical shop. Once a new motorhead replaces it, it will start functioning again. Ise the instruction book to return the old motorhead.

4.      The Filter might have worn out

The filters of the Dyson V11 are designed so they can work properly for two years. You can use the Filter for up to 2 years. After that, you have to replace them. But if you use it rarely, it may last for 3 to 4 years. If you use them frequently, then they may be worn out quickly. The necessity to replace them is because many small particles might accumulate, which cannot be removed even by washing. This happens mostly in filters that are used frequently.

Even after washing the filters, the tiny particles might get trapped inside the small pores present in the Filter, which may cause the Filter to wear out. The Filter becomes saturated due to dust particles, preventing air from passing through the filters. Replacing them after two years is essential as they might lose their functioning.

How to fix this issue

If you use your Dyson frequently, it may be worn out due to dust even after cleaning. It’s essential to replace it after two to three years as the Filter gets filled with dust, which may not allow the air to pass through the Filter. The only to fix this problem is by replacing them with new filters, which you can buy from Dyson for $29.99 a pack of 1 which is quite expensive, and Amazon for $42,44 a Pack of 6 

5.    Automatic cut out

Sometimes the large items may get into the vacuum filter or any other machine, blocking the vacuum. If this happens, the vacuum automatically cut-outs because of the blockage in the machine. It’s important to ensure that the vacuum’s inlet is not choked by objects made up of silk, cotton, or yarn.

 How to fix this issue:

To fix this problem, disassemble all the parts and remove the items interfering with the working of the vacuum. Clean the filters properly, and if dirt is present in the inlet, use a cloth.

6.      Any other part is Blocked

Even though you have fixed the Filter properly in the vacuum but is possible that blockage might occur in any other part other than the Filter of the vacuum; this is indicated when the vacuum starts pulsating when the trigger of the vacuum is pulled.

It is designed so that it pulsates if there is any problem in the vacuum. The pulsation of the vacuum indicates that there is blocking of the brush band or the inlet. So, it’s essential to clean this part of the vacuum also.

How to fix this problem:

Clean other parts of the Dyson properly by removing the pieces. Check for the blockage in the brush bar and the inlet. Clean the brush bar and channel properly so the air can easily follow through.

Summing Up

This article discusses why Dyson V11 Airway Blocked but No Blockage – How to fix it. The Dyson V11 vacuum might not sometimes work, even if there is no blockage in the airway or even after replacing the Filter. There can be many reasons for solving this issue. We have provided all the solutions to fix this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

2.      How often shall I clean the vacuum filters?

The LED display on the vacuum will inform you when to clean the filters. Although it’s recommended that after 1 to 2 months, you should clean the Filter with cold water and, after drying, place it again inside the vacuum.

3.      How to select a different language for the screen?

To view the languages available, you need to press the button beneath the display to get the option and change the language from there.

4.      There is a switch present in the cleaner head. What does it do?

It describes the suction speed. If you open it, you will find a plus sign which increases the suction power if there are large dirt particles. Also, you will find a minus sign for cleaning small dust particles.

5.      Can I connect the vacuum to my mobile phone?

Yes, you can connect the vacuum with the Dyson Link App.                                                                                                                                  

6.      Why is my motorhead damaged?

If this happens, that means that after cleaning the Filter, you might not have dried the Filter properly. If you use a damp filter, it might damage the whole vacuum and filter unit as well the water can get into the motor of the vacuum, which can damage the motorhead and stops functioning.

7.      Where can I buy the new filters for my Dyson Vacuum?

You can find the Dyson vacuum filters by visiting the official website of Dyson or Amazon

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