“Dyson V11 Vacuum: A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide”

The Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner, renowned for its powerful suction and innovative technology, sometimes faces issues that can hinder its performance. Understanding and troubleshooting these problems is essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your device. This article delves into the common problems encountered by Dyson V11 users and provides detailed guidance on how to effectively troubleshoot them.

Here is the list of Dyson V11 problems and how to troubleshoot against these issues in detail.

"Dyson V11 Vacuum: A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide"

Problem 1

Dyson V11 Airways Blocked

Causes of Dyson airway obstruction

The airway of a Dyson can get blocked for a variety of causes. Although many people believe that it is always dependent on what you are vacuuming, there are several other factors that might cause a blockage:

  • Poor maintenance of the filters of a Dyson
  • Failure to empty the dust container in time
  • Vacuuming too large dirt
  • Vacuuming sticky dirt
  • Worn Dyson Parts
  • Wrong connection of parts

What I often hear around me is that the use of attachments that are not from Dyson itself can also cause blockage messages in the long run.

Consequences if you do not quickly resolve an airway blockage

If the airway of a Dyson vacuum cleaner becomes clogged, the vacuum’s suction effectiveness suffers instantly. In fact, the vacuum cleaner may have no suction at all. As a result, the obstruction must be cleared as soon as possible. Failure to do so might have the following consequences:

  • Reduced suction power, decreasing performance
  • The vacuum cleaner motor is not cooled properly, which can cause the Dyson to break
  • The vacuum cleaner can start to smell (for example, like a dog with accumulated dog hair)
  • Dust emissions can increase dramatically, with an increased risk of allergic reactions

Resolving Dyson airway blockage

  1. Disassemble all Dyson parts (attachments, vacuum cleaner rod, etc.)
  2. Press and hold the trigger button for 10 seconds
    • Does the blue light keep flashing? Go to step 3.
    • Does the blue light stop blinking? Then check the vacuum cleaner rod and Dyson parts for blockages to solve the problem.
  3. Look through the hole at the dust container of the vacuum cleaner and remove dirt where necessary
  4. Hold the dust container down and empty the dust container, then look at the opening on the vacuum cleaner to remove any debris where possible
  5. Press and hold the trigger button for 10 seconds
    • Does the blue light keep flashing? Go to step 6.
    • Does the blue light stop blinking? Problem solved!
  6. Remove the dust container by using the red slide on the back
  7. Shake the Dyson vacuum cleaner very carefully above the trash can to remove fine dust and then mount the dust container back on the Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  8. Click the floor brush back on the Dyson vacuum cleaner and hold the trigger button again for 10 seconds.
    • Does the blue light keep flashing? Go to step 9.
    • Does the blue light stop blinking? Problem solved!
  9. Chances are the problem is with a clogged or defective filter. Cleaning and/or replacing the filters regularly is important.

Note: each Dyson series has its own filters, and some Dyson series even have two filters.

Dyson series Filter type Filters
Dyson V8 ULPA 15 See filters
Dyson V10 HEPA 13 See filters
Dyson V11 HEPA 13 See filters
Dyson V12 Slim ULPA 15 See filters
Dyson V15 Detect ULPA 15 See filters

Note: When users reported that their Dyson showed blocked airways,  even after changing and cleaning the filter, you need to see this topic.

Problem 2

Dyson V11 Won’t Turn On After Cleaning Filter

If your Dyson vacuum still won’t turn on after cleaning the filter, you’re most likely missing a fuse. Your vacuum’s fuse is 13 amps, therefore it is unlikely to blow unless the machine has a lower fuse. But it does happen, and it’s worth investigating. A blown fuse isn’t necessarily the source of the problem. Overheating is the most typical reason of a Dyson vacuum that won’t switch on.

How to Troubleshoot Dyson V11?

Unplug the vacuum and turn the power switch off.

Next, remove the filter from the Dyson vacuum and reassemble it. You’ll need to remove the filter and allow it to air dry for 24 hours before using the vacuum. If the filter is wet, the vacuum won’t start or the filter doesn’t fit properly, it will not turn on. You might need to clean other parts, like the wand or brush bar.

If the problem persists, you may also check the Dyson filter. Many types have reusable filters. If you’re concerned about harming the vacuum, wash, and dry it beforehand. It’s also critical to clean the filter once a month. After cleaning, rinse the vacuum under cold running water. You may also accomplish this by gently twisting or squeezing the filter.

Problem 3

Dyson V11 Turning On And Off

If your Dyson vacuum keeps turning on and off or only works for short periods of time, the problem is most likely caused by a blockage in your machine or its charger. A Dyson cordless vacuum will begin to notify you of a potential problem by shutting off or pulsating, indicating a problem.

How to Troubleshoot?

  • Check your vacuum, pressing its bin release button.
  • Empty your Dyson’s dirt bin.
  • Separate your vacuum’s bin from its cyclone.
  • Remove the entire bin from your machine.
  • Clean the area with a cloth or dry brush.
  • While your bin is removed, check your Dyson’s inlet flap for blockages.
  • Check all attachments for blockages remove any debris as necessary.
  • Clean out your vacuum’s motorized head, undoing its end cap fastener.
  • Remove your Dyson’s brush bar and cut away any hair/fibers from its bristles.
  • Reassemble your machine, test it, and you’re good to go!

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Problem 3

Dyson V11 Bin Release Stuck

Dyson vacuums are extremely user-friendly. The canister door on all Dyson cordless versions will be opened via a red button or lever. The position of this button or lever varies depending on the model.

How to Troubleshoot?

How to empty Dyson V10 and V11 cordless vacuums

Dyson V10 and V11 cordless sticks vacuums share a similar construction. The V11 has the stronger suction of the two. The stick attachment will need to be removed before emptying the debris canister. 

A red button will be located where the stick attachment and the debris canister meet. To remove the stick, press the button while pulling it off. To empty the debris, a red lever will be located on the rear of the canister. To empty the canister, place the vacuum over a rubbish container and depress the red lever.

How to remove the clear bin on my Dyson V10 or V11

After pushing down on the lever, you will reveal a small red button with a white arrow on it. Press the button down while sliding the bin off of the vacuum to remove it. Once the bin is removed, you can clean it with a damp cloth.

My Dyson canister won’t open – what to do

Before trying to open the canister with tools or force, double-check the release button or lever. The canister will not open if the release button is not fully engaged. Make sure you are pressing down before moving on to the next troubleshooting steps

The release lever may be stuck

Some Dyson consumers have reported that the canister’s release lever becomes stuck. If your lever does not move past a particular point, try gently pulling it back. Pull the lever in the other way a little, then try pressing it down again.

If it does not work, you may need to apply extra pressure as well as some lubricant. You may grease the vacuum parts with something like WD40. Applying too much pressure on the lever may cause it to break off.

The lever works but won’t open the canister

If the release button slides easily but still does not open the canister, your release mechanism is faulty. If you’re handy with tools, you can try prying the canister door open with a flathead screwdriver. The lid suction will provide resistance, but don’t apply too much pressure.

The easiest approach to remedy this issue is to get your Dyson vacuum repaired. They will be able to diagnose vacuum parts and replace them as needed.

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How to Reset a Dyson Vacuum V11?

Turn off your Dyson vacuum cleaner and disconnect the power line from the socket.

Dyson V11 Troubleshoot

Turn the machine over to expose the vacuum cleaner’s head’s underside. Insert a flat screwdriver into the tab that secures the head to the body if your vacuum has a hammerhead-style or moveable head. Allow enough leverage to be created by pushing the screwdriver downward to release the head.

4 1

Unscrew the large screws that secure the cover to the head by inserting the edge of a coin into the screw slot and rotating each screw counterclockwise. On older upright versions, this allows you to access the brush bar. Removing the screws on models with moveable heads really frees the brush bar, enabling you to remove it from its housing.

Dyson V11 Troubleshoot

Examine the brush bar for accumulation and obstruction. If the bar is still in its housing, give it a spin; if it doesn’t spin freely, remove any accumulation or debris by hand. Using a pair of scissors, carefully snip away any wound-up hair or fibers that are constraining the bar until it spins smoothly. Cutaway fibres and clean trash by hand if you’ve removed the bar. If required, reassemble the head and reinstall the soleplate and screws.


Locate the brush bars on-off switch, commonly located on the handle just above the vacuum’s body or in a slot on the side of its head. Press the button once to reset the brush bar, then flip the vacuum back upright, plug it in and power it on. Some models may not have a brush bar on-off switch. In this case, simply restore power to the vac.

Dyson V11 Troubleshoot


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