A Smart Home Device Is Owned By 34% of Us Broadband Users

According to recent research from Parks Associates, 34% of U.S. internet houses have a smart security system, and 34% of U.S. broadband households have a smart home device.

Of those smart security systems, nearly half of first-time smart home security device purchases were smart door locks. This highlights the potential for this device to be a gateway to other connected products in the smart home.

A Smart Home Device Is Owned By 34% of Us Broadband Users

“DIY products and installations are helping to extend the smart home and security industries, promote familiarity, give cheaper price points, and raise awareness,” Parks Associates president Elizabeth Parks said. “Consumers demand basic interaction to access and manage their systems, as well as scheduled or desired notifications.” The most basic interactive elements are regarded as standard.

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According to the study, smart home security devices should now be plug-and-play, and customers want more options at cheaper prices. However, compatibility and functionality issues arise as a result.

As a result, consumers must traverse a constantly changing environment or design, as well as install unique solutions tailored to their individual requirements.

“We know DIY is an installation option chosen by an increasing number of today’s consumers,” said Jeremy McLerran, global security, and smart building marketing at Johnson Controls. “Making our products intuitive enough to be considered for DIY installs allows us to give our dealers the opportunity to tap into this growing market and improves the ease and speed of their professional installs.”

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