Chamberlain Keypad Programming

In my house, garage door opener keypads are a requirement, not just for convenience, but also for safety. chamberlain keypad Programming or changing the pin on your wireless is easy,

So here are the Steps of How to Program Chamberlain Keypad Programming

Simply follow the steps below

1st Step

Press the “Learn” button on the garage door opener

Chamberlain Keypad Programming

Learn buttons are available in a variety of colors. This is important to remember since the color will affect how you program your keypad.

Open the light cover with the help of a stepladder and push the learn button on the side or rear of your garage door opener.

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Now you have 30 seconds to complete the programming!

Once the learn button has been pressed the LED light will turn on. At this point you have 30 seconds to go out to the keypad.

2nd Step

On the keypad enter any four-digit code

Chamberlain Keypad Programming

3rd Step

Press Enter!

The number of times that you will need to press the enter button will change depending on the color of the learn button.

  • If the learn button is yellow press the enter button once.
  • If the learn button is purple press the enter button twice.
  • If the learn button is red or orange press the enter button three times.
  • If the learn button is green, press the enter button four times. 

Note – Remember you only need to enter your code to open the garage door. To close it, simply press enter. This will avoid overuse of the keys!

Chamberlain Keypads have a lengthy lifespan. Your keypad may, however, stop operating after years of trouble-free operation. Try the troubleshooting procedures below before calling a garage door company or purchasing a new keypad.

So here Are Few things you need to look at:

  • Check the battery (yes there is a battery)
  • Unplug the LED bulbs as these types of bulbs can sometimes interfere with the keypad/controller signal.
  • Change your code, avoid numbers used in the last code


The battery should be the first item you examine.

The Chamberlain Keypad is not hardwired, which may come as a surprise to you. Instead, the keypad is powered by a nine-volt battery at the bottom.

Chamberlain Keypad Programming

New Code Isn’t Recognized by Keypad

The signal from the keypad might be blocked by the presence of a bulb!

If your garage door opener does not react to the keypad despite the fact that the keypad has a new battery and the keys’ lighting is turning. Then double-check to verify whether you have an LED light bulb.

Remove the bulb if this is the case. The signal from the keypad/controller can sometimes be interfered with by the lamp.

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Keys that have been worn out

Another problem with your keypad might be that the keys have been worn out. This is particularly problematic if your four-digit code consists of the same four numbers (“111”) or the same two numbers (“1212”).

When you hit the same buttons repeatedly, they will ultimately wear down and stop operating.

To troubleshoot, update your code on how to change the pin on your Chamberlain keypad or how to reprogram chamberlain garage door keypad. Remember to use four different numbers and stay away from the ones you used in the previous code.

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If after trying all the above suggestions your keypad still is not working, I suggest getting a new one instead of calling a professional.

A professional can pay up to $150, however, a new Chamberlain Keypad will cost you around $30, saving you $115 by purchasing a new keypad.

It’s really easy to replace an outdated keypad with a new one if you buy a new one.

Because the keypad is not hardwired, only one screw has to be removed.

Chamberlain Keypad Programming

You may slide the keypad up and away from the wall by removing the bottom screw under the 9-volt battery.

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