Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

If the camera often loses signal with NVR

You can use the following three methods to solve the problem of poor camera signal

Please check if the white antenna on the camera is loose first.

  1. The black extension antenna in the box may be used to replace the white antenna on the camera, allowing the black extension antenna to pass through the wall.
  2. You can set a camera as a Wi-Fi repeater to enhance the signal between the camera and the NVR.

How To set a camera as a Wi-Fi repeater?

How To set a camera as a Wi Fi repeater
  • Video Manage – Repeater
  • Click +
  • Set Camera Number 1st to be a Repeater for camera no 2nd
  • You can also buy a WIFI repeater, which also enhances the signal between the camera and the NVR.  for Wi-Fi repeater you can search:  B07NRBYM5C  on amazon.

How to setup Wi-Fi repeater?

How to setup Wi Fi repeater

Press the reset button for 10sec

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the repeater to NVR
  • Video – Manage – Refresh-Match Code – Yes – Yes
  • Add The Camera You Want To Add After The Repeater

Camera Is Not Working Properly?

Please refer to the following steps for troubleshooting,

With your fingers, cover the light sensor in front of the camera. The camera’s light sensor is the green dot under the lens.

The camera is okay if the infrared light around it is on at this time.

Please replace this camera’s channel to a functioning one.

It may also be that the power adapter of the camera is faulty. You can connect the power supply of the camera to the DVR to see if the indicator light on the DVR is on

It is also possible that the BNC cable is damaged. Please connect the camera to the BNC cable of other normal cameras

How do I connect my Hiseeu camera to my phone?

Download “Eseecloud” app on your phone and register it

Click add button and choose Standalone camera

Check if the camera light lit

Click this button

Point the camera of the mobile phone at the QR code of the camera


Choose a network environment for your camera, the Wi-Fi name

Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

Input the Wi-Fi password and click the connecting device button

Wait a minute and it will connect succeed

Click COMPLETE button  

Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

Edit the camera name and set its password (the password can be empty )

Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

What should I do if I forget my password?

Note: User name and password should not exceed 8 characters and should not contain such as &*! @ (… #% and other special characters

Within the black area, Click the left mouse button>right mouse button>left click>right click… Lasts 6 times

Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot


Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

 Input your new password, the old password is empty, you don’t need enter anything.




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How to fix it Hiseeu Wireless CCTV kits show offline?

Make Sure The network is normal and working.. Yellow Light Blinking

Untitled 1 1

Right Click Anywhere on a screen

2 1

Click Fast Network


Click Auto Configuration

Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

And Then Click Yes

Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

Wait for a while before it done..

Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot

You will see a Healthy Network and Then Click Ok..

Note : To Find Out other than above Hiseeu Camera Troubleshoot then go to %20Advanced%20>%20Restore.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Hiseeu Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to factory reset the Hiseeu Camera?

Please right-click the mouse and navigates to Main Menu > Advanced > Restore.

Tick of “Select all” > Click “OK”


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